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  1. AilsaB

    Dunfermline Challenge 2016-04-10

    Fundraising Challenge for 15th Dunfermline Guides trip to Pax Lodge London. The challenge covers 4 areas: Kings and Queens; Andrew Carnegie; Work, Rest and Play; Dunfermline and Beyond. All sections must complete the Andrew Carnegie area, earn some money through putting on a performance...
  2. shutterbug

    Shamwari Zimbabwe for Rainbows 2016-03-19

    Shamwari Zimbabwe for Rainbows is a Zimbabwe themed challenge designed just for Rainbows. Crafts, games and other activities to help your girls learn more about life in Zimbabwe. The profits from the badges for this challenge go to support Katiyo Primary School in Zimbabwe. Badges are £1 each...
  3. J

    Brownie Meeting Ideas

    Hi everyone, I have been a young leader at a Brownie Pack for about a month now for my Duke of Edinburgh Award and as it is the start of the year we have a planning meeting coming up. We have been asked to think of some ideas to bring along to the meeting and I was wondering if anyone on here...
  4. AilsaB

    Dunfermline Challenge

    15th Dunfermline Guides have designed the Dunfermline Challenge, all about Scotland's ancient capital but suitable for all units (up to and including Trefoil Guild!), all across the UK. Challenge includes a community action activity. Badges are £1 each and are in stock now. Challenge pack...
  5. 8

    Brownie Themed Crafts and Activities

    Hi I am 'Magpie' I am currently assistant leader at a brownie unit and have been for about 18 months. Before that I did 5 years as a young leader with a Rainbow Unit. I do a lot of planning for the activities the girls do and want to get them doing things that relate to Brownies and guiding a...
  6. P

    Question? Pixies, Elves, Imps, Kelpies

    Me again...! I've changed back to the traditional Sixes (Pixies, Elves, Imps, Kelpies) and would like to do some crafts or activities to teach the girls about their new sixes. Does anyone have any ideas?
  7. L

    despicable me themed evening?

    I need some ideas for a despicable me themed evening, i recently went to a big brownie sleepover with hundreds of brownies and leaders, and i noticed a leader with a sew on despicable me badge, shes said she had done a minion/despicable me themed night and that her brownies had loved it, however...
  8. Smartie

    Snowman Soup Poem

    Just thought I'd add this on here incase it is of any use, I've made some more 'grown up' labels for snowman soup which we are going to make for our christmas fayre. For anyone who doesn't know what snowman soup is, we'll be using clear plastic cone haped bags, filling them with hot...
  9. Beckyyy!!!

    Help: Old rail tickets

    I was hoping some of you lovely ladies might be able to help me! I've got loads of train tickets from journeys I've made this year and I don't want to throw them away! I want to make something but google is no help! Anyone else done anything with leftover tickets/got any ideas? Thanks in...
  10. A

    Crime Prevention Activities for Brownies and Guides

    I have been asked for ideas for games and activities based on Crime Prevention by a Trefoil Guild member who is also her local Neighbourhood Watch Co-ordinator. She is planning an outdoor event on 15th September and would like to get local Brownies and Guides involved in organising and...
  11. dawn

    Use for acetate sheets?

    I have some A4 acetate sheets, the ones used in printers. We are having a District Christmas crafts day for all sections in November. Any suggestions/links on what I could use these for. I have thought about sun catchers...
  12. nikifm

    Bauble crafts

    As the title suggests - anyone got any ideas for crafts that you can make with baubles? We're doing a bit of an xmas fair thing at Brownies and we're thinking of crafts. On the net we've found 180 pack of baubles for very cheap but are now wondering what we could possibly do with them. So if...
  13. Crazy Chilly

    Division Winter Crafts afternoon

    Hi, my guiding division are having a winter crafts afternoon in November and I am assisting in planning this. It is for rainbows, brownies and guides and I wondered if anyone had any good craft ideas they have used in their units they would like to share. We are just getting ideas at...
  14. H

    Pingpong balls free to a good home

    Hello, After clearing out our brownie cupboard, we have a load (about 2 ice cream tubs worth) of pingpong balls that are free to a good home. They are a variety of colours - white, blue and green and are currently living in Edinburgh so could be collected/delivered locally or posted if...
  15. C

    Hair accessory organiser craft - photo

    I replied to a request for a 2 person activity for Mother's Day and wanted to show a photo of one a Brownie had made but couldn't work out how to attach it in a reply. I've ended up putting it in a new post instead coz I am so technically inept! Hope you like it and hope it works!
  16. W

    Purse Frames Supplier

    Any idea on where to get these at wholesale pricing? I’m looking for metal purse frames to make clutches…and perhaps coin purse frames also? I googled, but I get other shops doing retail pricing….and I tried Factoryguy, but they don’t have what I’m looking for. I just want basic nickel...
  17. J

    Wildlife Explorer Themed Pack Holiday - Craft Ideas

    Hi, I'm doing my pack holiday licence in July and the theme is "The Great British Safari". WE are going to do our Wildlife Explorer Badge. I have a lot of activity ideas and have covered all aspects of the badge Syllabus, but i dont have many 'Nice' crafts the girls can take home with...
  18. M

    Safety pin flags

    For Thinking Day I have been asked to do a craft - a flag made of beads on safety pins. I have done Union Flags before but as we have no particular country I was wondering about a Guide Flag. Does anyone have a pattern please?
  19. R

    Making Friends

    I'm new on here and thought it would be nice to get to know some of you so if you are interested in swapping ideas, crafts, games and/or even badges as well as friendhsip then please mail me and help me to get used to this confusing site :L
  20. Beckyyy!!!

    What to do with bottle tops?

    I have a load of metal bottle caps and can't think of a suitable craft to use them for. Was thinking along the lines of a christmas tree decoration possibly. I've googled to no avail and was hoping you lovely people might have some ideas :) Thanks Becky x