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diamond jubilee

  1. youngleader-otter

    Queens Jubilee games for guides?

    We're having a "very british tea party" tomorrow at Guides as a jubilee celebration thing, everyones wearing red, white and blue and we're having scones, cucumber sandwiches etc.. I'm meant to be thinking of a game to play, connected to the jubilee and i'm really stuck for ideas, thought you...
  2. Panda

    Royal Ball - ideas?

    Next week at Rainbows we are holding a Royal Ball to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee. We are working towards the Girlguiding Cymru Diamond Jubilee challenge for Rainbows so as part of the evening I thought we would fit in the following activities from it: Game - The Queen's Keys Hunt the...
  3. raaowdot

    First Aid Badge and Pre-Design Set

    Hi All, We've designed a unique First Aid badge which in the day is Green with White writing however by night it glows green in the dark, see image. It's a but more than our usual badges at £1.90 each due to the special thread. It would look great on a camp blanket or clothing especially on a...
  4. S

    jubilee garden party

    just got all the information through. looks great. hope its dry as we need to meet at 8.45 and wont get back til 5.30. 300 from our division going, not looking forward to meeting up with the 6 coaches as however organised i am before i go, i'm always the one flapping and looking completely...
  5. S

    Diamond Jubilee procession

    My dd has just seen this on the GGUk website. Would love to go but can't contemplate it- too many things happening already this term and girls will be busy with village events. But great if you closer to London...
  6. M

    Urgent! Queens Dimond Jubilee Challenge Badge

    Queens Diamond Jubilee Challenge Badge My guide group have created a badge and resorce for the Queens diamond jubilee all money raised will go towards a group of guides traveling to Sangam (world centre in india) if you would like this resorce then comment or email me thank you xx edited...
  7. C

    Question? Help!!!!! Diamond Jubliee Badge

    Hi everyone, does anyone know where to find the official diamond jubliee challenge badge? I really need it and can't seem to find it so a link or web address would be really helpful please!!!!!!!! :D:D:D:D:D:D
  8. rugbynutter

    Jubilee Guide/Scout YELLOW badge, limited edition

    Just found this, no idea if GGUK will be selling it too.. http://shop.scouts.org.uk/p-5736-queens-diamond-jubilee-limited-edition-badge.aspx I assume the description is meant to say ' one for each DAY of her reign'
  9. S

    Diamond Jubilee event

    I was wondering who of you (if any) would be going to the event at the Cotgrave campsite on the 27th May? I will be there with 24 girls (hopefully)
  10. F

    Yet another Diamond Jubliee Challenge Badge

    Hi Folks, My small senior section have worked very hard on creating a challenge badge and hope you might like to look at it. It is detailed on our web site http://wythallrangers.org.uk It is based round the decades theme. Any feed back or comments would be appricated as it is our...
  11. RMT

    Jubilee Activites

    I am hopeing someone can help me, Our District is having a tea party for the jubilee and I need to think of some activites for the guides (about 17 of them) I have not got a clue what to do as all my girls want to do is play games and we have no craft materials until we can get another...
  12. C

    Question? Songs about Queens/Princess/Princes... Royals in General

    Hi All, I'm not the most musical, but next term we're challenging the Guides to learn 60 new songs for the Jubilee. Between the other leaders (with me making cups of tea) we've already got a pretty good list going. It would be nice, though, to include some about Queens / Royals to fit in with...
  13. A

    Celebrating England Challenge

    I've been asked to post this for a Guider In Tamworth Division... I'm just hoping I get the attachment on safely! "1st Wilnecote Brownies have created a challenge badge to raise funds for Girlguiding in the Tamworth area. In the Olympic year, when England is host to many visitors, we felt it...
  14. KatieW

    Question? Writing to the Queen

    My Guides have made congratulations cards for the Queen and I'm going to send them off tomorrow. I've written a letter to go with them but am struggling - I'm no good at writing letters! This is what I've got so far - any suggestions on what to put and how to finish it? I'm not sure what...
  15. raaowdot

    Bag Packing and Diamond Jubilee Badges

    Hi All, If just added our Diamond Jubilee badge and our Bag Packing badge. The bag packing will be an ongoing badge. We will try and keep it in stock but that of course depends on whether we get large order's catching us out. The Diamond Jubilee badge is a little special as the crown will be...
  16. N

    Diamond Jubilee/Olympics badge

    Hi As title says im after 1 of each for my camp blanket. Can anyone help?
  17. littlerainbow

    Queen's Diamond Jubilee ideas

    Can we share what we've got planned for the Jubilee? I'm thinking of the Rainbows making fancy bunting to hang around our noticeboard and I've printed off a pic of the Queen, which I'm hoping to persuade the girls to colour Warhol style! It's from Hellokids...
  18. E

    60 Activities for the Jubilee

    One of the activities we are doing during our jubilee celebrations will be 60 activities in 60 minutes, much like the challenge 100. We have things like juggle for 60 seconds and do 60 skips.... does anyone have any ideas for more please? Suitable for all sections.... Thanks!
  19. M

    Idea! Olympics and Jubilee what you doing?

    Hi all, Thinking ahead to next term and to get as many ideas as i can- What is everyone doing for the Olympics and Jubilee in their units? Ideas would be appreciated :) thanks Mia
  20. C

    Question? Jubilee badge of official logo

    Dear all, I'm sure I've seen a cloth badge with the official logo on, but I now can't find it anywhere! I've done a google search for the image, as I'm sure there were three in a 'set' - with either a red, white or blue background. Can any of you lovelies point me in the right direction...