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diamond jubilee

  1. L

    Queens Diamond Jubilee Flashing Neckerchiefs

    Queens Diamond Jubilee Flashing Neckerchiefs My local guide Shop will be purchasing a stock of Queens Diamond Jubilee Flashing Neckerchiefs... Is anyone interested in purchasing one? The neckerchiefs will be approximately £7.50each We can post neckerchiefs to you if you are not local...
  2. S

    Diamond Jubilee.

    Keynsham District has developed a resource for the DIAMOND JUBILEE. It is free to download and badges can be ordered. intrested pm me you email address and I'll send you the resources.
  3. C

    Girlguiding Sheffield Queen's Jubilee Challenge

    If you enjoyed ZDOROVO, here's your chance to use another brilliant resource from Girlguiding Sheffield! This is a brand new downloadable pack of activity ideas with a super badge on the theme of the Queen's Jubilee.The ideas are suitable for all sections. All proceeds will go towards improving...
  4. M

    Queens Diamond Jubilee Challenge Badge

    My guide group have created a badge and resorce for the Queens diamond jubilee all money raised will go towards a group of guides traveling to Sangam (world centre in india) if you would like this resorce then comment or email me thank you
  5. louise_emma

    Queens Diamond Jubilee Challenge Resource and Badge

    Queen's Diamond Jubilee Challenge Resource and Badge ***Badges still available!!*** My guide unit have created a challenge resource and accompanying badge for the queen's diamond jubilee. The resource is multi-sectional, with specific activities for Rainbows, Brownies, Guides and Senior...
  6. K

    Where do the Jubilee badges go on the Guide uniform?

    Is there a designated place to put the Jubilee badge or can they go where ever the girls decide to put them?
  7. V

    The Queens Diamond Jubilee Cross Stitch Kits for sale

    To raise money for Roverway i've put together a lovely cross stitch for Guiders to keep as a memento of the occasion. The card is easy to make and includes everything you need including: Square of 16 count Aida Threads and thread organiser Instructions Colour pattern Needle Card and...
  8. V

    Diamond Jubilee Cross Stitch Kit for sale

    To raise money for my trip to the Roverway camp in Finland, i've put together a cross stitch kit for Guiders to celebrate the Queens Diamond Jubilee. Each kit contains: A square of 16 count Aida 1 needle Threads and thread organiser Instructions Colour and black + white patterns Blue...
  9. G

    Queen's Guide Celebration event 2012

    Calling all Leicestershire Queen's Guides! Did you get your award in Leicestershire or are currently living as a QG in the county? Then as part of our record updating and Queen's Jubilee celebrations we are holding a special event on Sunday 17th June at our county campsite, Topstones, for all...
  10. T

    Diamond Jubile - any challenges???

    Have seen the fab badge on offer to mark this event & wondered if anyone was going to create a challenge badge to go along with this theme.....
  11. M

    Queen's Diamond Jubilee Challenge!

    Please take a look at our Queen's Diamond Jubilee Challenge! We've really enjoyed putting it together and we hope you enjoy giving it a go and wearing the badge! The challenge will also be available on the Surrey East, and London and South East Region websites in due course. Thanks for...
  12. C

    Diamond Jubilee Badges

    Hi Everyone, I've just been having a look round the guide shop online (dangerous I know), and I've found 3 Diamond Jubilee badges - one is made of metal (fairly self explanitory) but what is the difference between the blanket badge (http://girlguidingukshop.co.uk/productinfo.aspx?pid=7190)...
  13. W

    The Diamonds of London

    A different twist to the Queen's Diamond Juliee. All the challenges are based on London & the Crown Jewels. Badges are available and will continue right through to the end of 2012. Enjoy! http://www.25thguides.org.uk/London2012.html
  14. P

    Diamond Jubilee Challenge

    NEW Diamond Jubilee Challenge The Challenge has been placed here on behalf of my District in the hope that some of you may wish to take part, we have 1000 badges awaiting a new home on a camp blanket! when we know if the demand out weighs our supply we will order more. The Challenge closes Dec...
  15. BusyBadger

    Old Badges For Sale or swap!

    Hi guys, I have some old badges for sale or swap, please take a look! 1 x Silk '75 World Venture Badge - Good Condition - bit frayed at top and botton 1 x 'Wings' - New Unsewn 1 x Imp, 1 x Gnome, '90s six emblems - New Unsewn 4 x Brownie star 2 x Brownie star 2...