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  1. Hilzo42


    Because everyone needs a good patrol piccy! complete with emblems and flash colours of course.......... :p Cock Patrol (aka: The Special Clove) Blue Tit Patrol (aka: The Stupid Clove) Thrush Patrol (aka: The Steaming Clove) Swallow Patrol (aka: The Sensible Clove)...
  2. *alli*

    Chat: What certificates should we get?!?!

    OK then guys, we're all back we've all had time for reflection and evaluation,.... So we didn't get certificates like at the last two so here's your chance to decide who should be given what I have added a list of who was there, sorry if ur not on it or u werent there but it says u were - i...
  3. *alli*

    Foto fingie

    Erm not sure how to write this nicely so i shall just do it! HA I don't wana b tagged in anyones photos if they put them on facebook please. I will tag myself in them but just dont wana have to go round untagging myself too much hassle n cba if im honest!! (can't write what CBA means due to...
  4. Smudge

    What craft should smudge bring

    OK so I cant decided what to bring - I can either bring something with yarn or something with face flannels - either way I need to decide by midday tomorrow so that I can get what I need while I am out! So I will put it to a vote.
  5. L

    Official Info: Kit List

    Here you go folks....a handy checklist for you to help you pack! Any questions, fire away, though I'm sure I don't have to ask!!!
  6. Broken.Owner

    Guiders.co.uk wear & Guiders On Tour T'shirts

    Hi Guys, just a reminder to all of you that if you want anything taken to G2G3 i need to have the orders by 3rd April at the latest.
  7. HanSeeingRed

    Chat: Is anyone else bringing....

    ....their unit mascots? Pheobe has returned, it wasn't Emily who had her it was Laina who has just had a new baby sister so has been struggling to get to Brownies, I was very excited to see her :p I know how much Pheobe enjoys the G2Gs....
  8. L

    Official Info: Activities sign up sheet

    Right….official sign up time!! If you would like to do any of the three activities listed below during the G2G3 weekend, please make ONE post on this thread saying which ones you want to do. We are going to do our best to book these three, as enough people have shown an interest in them on...
  9. L

    Extra activities

    Right....time to get slightly organised!! Over the G2G3 weekend, we will have the choice to do some extra 'adventurous' stuff, as well as just sitting, nattering and drinking tea/pink stuff/other booze etc. I have set up this poll JUST TO GAUGE INTEREST, as we will only arrange some of...
  10. L

    Who's coming to G2G3...

    Hi folks. I have recieved deposits or the full amount from most of you now. Below is a full list of attendees at the moment. If we can start to have the remaining money, up to the full amount of £35 from those of you who have not paid me as yet. Payment required by Saturday March 14th...
  11. *alli*

    Chat: G2G3 Countdown....

    Heehee I just wanted to start the thread...how many sleeps is it?!?!?
  12. L

    Official Info: G2G3 is here!!!

    Right, here it is. What you have all been waiting for, talking about, and generally being impatient for..... :gossip: G2G3 (the northern one)!!! When : Fri 17th - Sun 19th April 2009 Where : Guys Farm Activity Centre, Bay Horse, Lancaster (http://www.guysfarm.org.uk/) It's easy to find...
  13. L

    G2G3 Dates

    Right, here we go. Choose your favoured weekend in April. BUT...a couple of points to make before you all go crazy.... Firstly, this is a gauge of availability poll only. By no means is it any indication of which weekend will be ultimately be picked for G2G3, as that all hinges on...
  14. Pinkstar

    G2G3 general chat

    ima gonna be going , it will make a great bday prezzie ( im gonna be 18 next year WHOOOOOP) p.s is it too early to start chatting bout this:confused: