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  1. N

    Question? what do you think about the prepaid forgieng currency cards?

    I am taking some girls to Switzerland and am wanting to take over all the money i need - what have groups done before with regards to this - we need to pay for all of our activities in cash I was contemplating getting one of these forgeign currency cards but have a few questions can you...
  2. B

    Song for Cystic Fibrosis

    Hi, 2 years today is the anniversary of one of my friends passing. In her memory, our school created a song which raises funds to help the families affected and find a cure for this awful disease. She was only 18 and had her whole life ahead of her. Here is the link to the song, please...
  3. H

    Rainbow Subs

    How much do units charge for subs and what does this cover!!! I charge £18 per term but don have enough to cover census, badges and activity costs. we have been doing lots of cheap activities and using up items from the cupboard. also we have managed to get some fundraising ideas planed...
  4. S

    money for holiday???

    Right I rekon I've read this somewhere but can't remember where and I can't find it now. Holiday's or camps must be funded separately from normal weekly income. Is this right or have I dreamt it???
  5. *gwen*

    Feeling so Guilty

    I have just sent out my monthly newsletter which I have been putting off and dreading sending it as I am asking for so much money this term. Subs, census, Ice Skating trip, Gang Show, Alexandra Palace Thinking day event plus a WINGS payment is also due this month. I have 2 sets of sisters...
  6. Lizzieloubee

    Silly question about paying for stuff

    I bought a box of six eggs for Brownies tonight. We only need three, but you can't buy three eggs! Same for a block of butter, we don't need the whole block. How does it work with getting the money back? And writing into the accounts?
  7. K

    Can't Find the End of Year Accounts Form!!

    Hi, I am trying to do my end of year accounts for my Rainbow unit. Yes I know I am terribly late, but my unit has been having problems in terms of accounts and I can only do the accounts from May 2011 - Feb 2012. But I've been searching everywhere for the end of year form thingy, please...
  8. arafs_are_real

    Adult leader uniform needed!

    Hi everyone! I'm looking for an adult leader uniform in any size really from 8-14. I'd be willing to pay and collect. :D The uniforms are so expensive everywhere else! It would be wonderful if you could help me out! Emma (aka Hippie Owl) ;) :earmuffs:
  9. P

    Urgent! Games/activities with money or coins for guides

    Hi All, first time here. We have to bag up lots of money for a charity that we collected for (most of which is pennies). So I thought that after we had done that we could do some games or coins that are coin or money related. Does anyone have any ideas for 10-14 year olds? Thanks for any help.
  10. littlerainbow

    Are cheap nights better?

    We just had a "cheap" night at Rainbows: Playing treasure hunt in the playground (small, laminated card clues). Then newspaper fashion (err, newspaper and sticky tape) followed by musical bumps (completely free). It got me wondering if "fun" is in any way inversely proportional to the amount...
  11. Alice_1stGSG

    Census Money

    Hi everyone :) The leaders in my unit and I were just talking amongst ourselves about various things, and it got me thinking... Is there anyway to see where the census money goes? Obviously we can see what sort of things it's spent on (magazine, web development, staff etc), but is there a...
  12. Yorkielass

    Are there any Guidelines on the amount you should have in unit account at any point?

    Our Guide unit started in September and we were lucky with grants etc and did ok for money, including paying census, and have had 2 great holidays, one which was a bit under budget (but parents said keep the money leftover for other things) and the other we only underspent by about £10...
  13. Yorkielass

    Having accounts checked, financial/calender years - confused!

    So we're a new unit that opened in September, I've been doing the accounts with the GGUK online accounts package no problem. Now I've been told I need to give my accounts in for auditing, which is fine, but the GGUK online accounts package is for financial years and has somewhere for someone...
  14. Cap'n Gaerlick

    Fantastic news

    On the morning of Finale Day we got word that our Brownie Unit had been successfully awarded £3,800 from Awards for All Scotland, part of the the Big Lottery Fund!!!!! We have big plans for the coming year and this money will be put to very good use!!!!
  15. miserybabe

    Official Info: SG2G3 - Fit Like? It's Aberdeen!

    SG2G3 Where? GG HQ, Aberdeen When? 22nd - 24th April 2011 Cost? Approx £25-£30 (tbc) Who? Mazi, Miserybabe ... there's space for you! let us know below if you can make it.
  16. sleepy

    Honesty Pots!!

    Beware of leaving badges out with an honesty pot at Guiding functions. Yes I have done it before without any problems. But at Centenary camp in the CAST tent it was not so good. Initially I left 20 badges and returned a few hour later and was thrilled to find them all sold and the £20 all...
  17. S

    Information: QuckQuid MoneyLenders......2356% APR!!!!

    I'm at home "poorly"....and watching daytime TV....sad, I know......and am ABSOLUTELY horrified to see the adverts for this payday loan comapny, who have an APR rate of 2356%...I'm a mathematical dunce, and not very financially clever..but even I can see that an APR of 2356% is desperately...
  18. catdrew

    Question? Project 50k

    hello ok so i got my grant money and i obviously have to justify what we needed and bought in 6 months time (think thats right):sombrero: so can i send in copies of the receipts as i will need them for my proper accounts? :rolleyes: also if i paid less for my items at a subsidised depot do i...
  19. Ceebeeby

    £90m Euro Lottery Winners (x 2) not yet come forward

    Two winners from the UK scooped the £90m Euro Lottery prize but haven't yet come forward - would make them each the UK's biggest winners to date, if they weren't a syndicate as would be £45m each. I'm too scared to check my ticket ... should I or shouldn't I!!! Or should I just sit here...
  20. Rowan

    Bingo Night

    I've just found a website online which generates bingo cards and has an online calling system specifically for groups to be able to fundraise... Thought I'd post it up and also ask if anyone has held any successful bingo nights. http://www.bingoport.co.uk/bingo-caller/ If you click on...