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  1. G

    Leader Top Colour

    Hiya, I need to buy a new leader polo shirt as my old one is a. too big and b. older than most of the girls! I currently have the navy one but am considering the white one. I have rarely seen people wearing the white one and was wondering why this might be - is it particularly see-through? My...
  2. fenris

    Suggestion - should we drop having uniforms?

    Ever since Guiding first started, people have argued over the uniforms. There have always been claims that they have never been smart enough, practical enough, easy enough to launder. They have always been criticised for being too baggy and shapeless or too snug, too long or too short, the...
  3. badgemad4

    Weekly Discussion: Fashion is over quickly, style is forever

    …Or why was JB uniform so popular? The last thread was a little heavy so I thought this was could be a bit more lighthearted. There is no other way of saying it. Whether you like it or not the Jeff Banks uniform is iconic. It was a shift away from the previous uniform and certain elements are...
  4. badgemad4

    Weekly Discussion XIX: Single uniform

    A bit late this week! Should we have a single uniform for young members? Or do what's done abroad and just have a gilet style covering/sash/tabard. Or are we fine the way we are? Although there have been various "iconic" looks for each section, with changing feelings towards uniform in...
  5. badgemad4

    Discussion VII: Badge Tabs

    A slightly lighter topic as many wind down for the summer! Badge tabs. A useful and transferable way to display badges- or a heavy clunky thing that rips holes and isn't practical for active Guiding? Which one to wear and what can be displayed on them causes frequent debate, not helped by that...
  6. badgemad4

    Wearing Old Uniform

    In the new term we have new volunteers, both of which are coming back to Guiding after a few years break. One is helping for a set amount of time and has asked if she can wear older uniform (candy stripes and rugby shirt) for that period. Another is going to be a UH and has asked if she can...
  7. Dizzybint

    Rainbow Uniform History 2017

    Rainbow uniform history including... Northern Ireland 1970s to 1980s 1980s UK 1990s UK 2000s tabard 2000s to present 1990s casual wear Note: the coloured dots represent alternative colours the uniform was available in. Click the Download for the long poster and the individual images are also...
  8. Groovegal

    No sash for badges

    Really disappointed that guides don't have sashes for display of badges. My other daughter is a brownie and I think having a sash to display her patches motivates them to achieve. I know guides can put them on camp blankets but my 10 year old likes the idea of wearing them each week. I have...
  9. twitchy

    New starters info pack 2016-09-25

    After many questions from parents over the years, i decided to come up with a general letter as an info sheet for new starters and for the beginning of the year. Details ideas from people on the Guiders site and other sources online. Feel free to use as you wish and put in your own details...
  10. twitchy

    Question? Do you have a set Badge placement on Uniform?

    Does anyone have or know if there is a set place for Badges on the uniform? I like the was scouts are quite set in the placing for these and would like to start something similar at our unit. I have been asked by many parents about this and I'm not sure of the official line. I know that GG has a...
  11. Alibally

    Looking fir leader uniform size 20/22

    Hi I'm looking for any leader uniform size 20/22. I'm a leader in training and don't have lots of money so any second hand would be amazing. Thanks
  12. LJB

    Placement of County badges

    Hi everyone, Does anyone have any advice about where Guides can sew their county badges onto their uniforms? This is ours (Suffolk): Are there any rules about this? The Rainbows in my District have it on the backs of their tops just below their collars. Should Guides have them on the top...
  13. H

    Question? What do your guides wear on a weekend away?

    Hi, We are going, for the 1st time in a number of years, to take the girls away for a weekend. We are staying at robin hole. One or two of the girls were asking if they had to wear uniform? My answer yes. It's a guiding trip and I had to wear mine for a 4 day camp. The girls were...
  14. H

    Rainbow Uniform wanted

    My friend's daughter has started rainbows. She's not in a position to buy uniform brand new so I was wondering if anyone had an old set. Her little girl is tall for her age. Thanks!
  15. C

    What should I wear? (Gold Duke of Ed presentation)

    Hi, I'm going to London next week for my Gold Duke of Edinburgh's Award presentation. What I would really like to wear is my blue leaders polo and a pair of jeans, but I don't think that would be considered appropriate. What have you worn for d of e presentations, or anything similar? TIA
  16. fenris

    International Brownie Uniforms

    Amongst other things, I collect International Brownie/equivalent uniforms which I use (especially around Thinking Day) for teaching purposes. I already have a large number on ones from the more accessible countries (Australia, USA, Canada), but would like to obtain more, especialy from South...
  17. H

    Guides Not in Uniform

    we have a very small unit with only 7 girls. Not one of them has a uniform yet the 5 that moved up from brownies all wore the brownie uniform. What should we do to get them to wear uniform?? We have shown them pictures of all the available uniform and asked them to get some but they still...
  18. L

    Question? Unit helper uniform

    Hello, My unit helper has been with us for several years now and was originally going to do her alq and bought uniform etc. however she did not finish it and decided she does not want to have another go. Can she still wear leader uniform or should she be in member wear? Also I don't...
  19. D

    Question? Leaders uniform wanted

    Hi I am looking for a leaders rugby shirt and leaders gilet jacket. Does anyone have one for sale or now where I can get them? ( size 12) Thanks
  20. Hilary

    New FAQs about the new Guide section uniform

    Don't know if anyone else has noticed but the FAQs on the Girlguidingshop website have been updated to include: What will the new uniform be like? Our uniform ranges are developed in consultation with girls and volunteers and are designed to meet the needs of active girls and young women...