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50 Great Guiding Games book for sale! £3.50


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50 Great Guiding Games book now on sale!!
My Senior Section unit has created this book as a fundraiser - it is an illustrated booklet providing instructions for 50 fantastic games for all sections and it's just £3.50 including P&P!
Sample pages attached so you can see what it's like.
If you'd like a copy please copy the link below into your browser's address bar to pay and provide postage details online. You will receive an automatic e-mail receipt.



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I'm the same as yorkie67 I'm afraid

I've just clicked on link and I don't recognise gocardless? do you accept alternatives like paypal


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This is odd as I had never heard of gocardless either but I had no problem paying that way.


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I think some people (like me) are wary of using a payment system they've not heard of or used before and that is no reflection on the OP either in any shape or form (its just paypal is something we recognise and know as being ok)

I'm just a little wary as I can't see the usual padlock sign which ensures bank account details are encrypted/safe over internet? have read about gocardless and it sounds like its well used, but I'd still prefer something I recognise
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Further to the above, the website also mentions Direct Debit and that it is secured by the Direct Debit process and asks for sort and account numbers. I don't feel comfortable giving my my bank details on a a Direct Debit form!

Can you not accept cheque or paypal?