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50th Wedding Anniv Evening Plus Charity Night Fundraiser-Help!


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Hoping someone can help me please.

Have been asked to help organise a 50th Wedding Anniv evening which is including a Charity Night Fundraiser.

It is being held in our local church halls.

I'm looking for hall decoration ideas as well as fun games, quizzes, team games etc along with other easy to organise fundraising ideas.

Thanks for helping.


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Slightly different, but for my 40th birthday and my mum's 75th (a week apart), we had a joint party. We noted on the invitations that although gifts weren't expected, we realised that some people would want to give them, and requested that a charity donation be made instead. We donated the money to my son's special school. This could be possible for the evening you are arranging, but obviously you would have to check with the couple concerned.

For the evening, do you have a theme? That might help with deciding on decorations and quizzes.


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At "do's" like this Heads and Tails goes down well - prize of big tub of chocs for example - everyone who wishes to play pays a pound and stands on the dance floor. Then ask them to guess whether the toss of a coin will be heads or tails - hands on heads for Heads, hands on bums for Tails! Then toss the coin - anyone who guessed wrong is out and must sit down. Keep going until you only have 2 people left, then they must choose differently and you have a winner! Also roll a pound coin towards a bottle of e.g. whisky from the length of the dance floor - closest one wins - if you have great compere this can generate a huge amount as it can get VERY competitive! If you are prepared to do a bit more prep what about a Gold themed tombola or raffle, with the prizes all being gold coloured (or you can always put them in gold bags or wrap them in gold paper) We did something similar for my parents Ruby Wedding where all the prizes were red. Good Luck and have fun!


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I once played a game where a coin was at the bottom of a bucket of water, and you dropped another coin in the water. If you hit the coin, you got to take that coin, if not, you lost and the coin stayed in the water with the prize coin. It was extremely hard to hit the coin, so that might raise some money while being fun.
If there are kids coming, you could have guest bingo (i.e. someone who has a sister, someone who wears glasses) Buy a bingo sheet and get a chocolate coin for filling it in.
Also, there's guess the amount of sweets in a jar.
That's all I can think of for now. I hope the planning's going well.