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'A Grand Ruby Day Out'


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On a regional basis, you can expect to be joined by approximately 8,999 others of us - so just a small "do".


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Greystoke Brownies are going!

Have just had bus details through finally, so sent the consent forms to parents this morning, with lots of instructions as to what they should/shouldn't bring, have told them we'll be leaving 15 mins earlier than we really are(!) and have really pressed the fact that the girls need rucksacks not hand-held fashion bags!

In fact, was reading a GGUK publication on taking girls to large scale events this morning. Was wondering how we will identify our girls in a sea of yellow? Any ideas?

Also thought a good idea that the leaflet suggested was to give them all a card with my name, our unit and mobile number in case they get lost. Thought I might do it on luggage tags like Paddington: Please look after this Brownie!


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I shall be there wearing my guiders.co.uk necker with 28 brownies in lime green baseball caps!! (2 units going) what state I'll be in is another matter!

they call me tulip

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So are we, on Rigbys coaches - 3 coaches from Burnley. We shall hear you before we see you then!
Definatly my Rainbows have been asking about singing on the coach - they keep practicing boom chicka boom and everywhere we go!We only have one coach, I'm getting very excited now, just got to arrange a home contact person.


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time for soggy fun!!

Sacred Heart Brownies, Preston, will be there.... or at least some of us will be!! We've got some union jack neckers to wear, well we will have if they arrive in time!! eeeeek!! :cool: Looking forward to getting rather soggy in nickelodeon land :D

I'm liking the tag with tel no idea too, but not sure our girls would like us to tag them up hahaha!!

Will see you all there!!



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Looking forward to the world record attempt ??????????? :0)
Ps just checking out my wardrobe and Blue is jumping out at me ;0)

Sorry x
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