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Official Info: Activities sign up sheet

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Right….official sign up time!!

If you would like to do any of the three activities listed below during the G2G3 weekend, please make ONE post on this thread saying which ones you want to do. We are going to do our best to book these three, as enough people have shown an interest in them on the activities poll. This is by no means a guarantee that we will be doing them, as it depends on availability of instructors and/or the facilities.
Posting on this thread commits you to paying the cost shown to take part should it be successfully booked, as we will arrange and pay for enough sessions for the number of people signing up. These are maximum costs, they MAY end up being cheaper! We will arrange the times/groups so you can do all three if you want to, or if you don’t want to do any it would help if you post just to say that as well!

I will assume it is a complete list by Saturday 14th March (I am sending out emails about this as well!), but it would be really helpful if you can sign up by the morning of Saturday March 7th if at all possible, as we have a planning meeting that day!

Please NO chat in this thread. I will be asking a moderator to delete any off topic stuff and duplicate posts by anyone.

Thanks very much!!

• Climbing and Abseiling £3.50
• Archery £1.50
• Pedal cars £2.00


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Archery for me please.

Not too sure how much effort is required for the pedal cars - I'm a lazy b****** esp on a weekend off!

Definite NO to climbing and abseiling unless someone wants to bring a bucket or film projectile vom! I can get sick at the top of a flight of 6 steps!!
Archery and pedal cars please.
Don't think I'll be able to do abseilling unless you can get up the middle of the tower without having to climb first. Can't do that bit.


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hmm well I think my terrible display of archery in April rules that one out...!

Climbing and Abseiling please... i'll give it a go ;)


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I think I'll do archery again plz :D

I was dreadful last time, so methinks I'll go for the record... worst archer ever!

LOL to swallowtail! Thought you might pedal car, but fair point on the energy usage...

And I can abseil, but am rubbish at climbing! Plus I don't ever expect any poor person to be my anchor... Last anchor ended at the top, and myself at the bottom! teehee
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