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Advent calender craft

sandra 100

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I am trying to find an easy advent calendar to make with Brownies we have a lot of 7 year olds at the moment and some find it difficult to cut out so nothing to complicated please

I know its a bit early to mention Christmas but I am trying to plan ahead


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I bought some cheap 24 insert seed trays (as they were heavly reduced) and intending to use tissue paper, to cover each slot and then decorate with ribbons, glitter glue or what ever else I can find.

Then going to buy a big tin of celebrations to put in each section


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What about these ideas:

Paper cups
Put some tissue paper into small coloured paper cups, add a candy cane to each. Use pegs to fix to ribbon and hang

Paper cones
Make small cones from squares of coloured paper. Attach a loop of ribbon to each, add a small treat and hang

Match boxes
Stick empty matchboxes and stick them together, number and fill with treats

Alernatively look on Baker Ross or in your "Pound Shop" for kits to colour or make

Or google for ideas from Pintrest or Crafty Cow


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We are making an advent calendar of Father Christmas's beard. It is a picture of his face, with space underneath for his beard to be added using cotton wool balls. As some of huge girls won't have a Pritt stick or similar at home, we are going to use double sided glue dots, gluing one side to the paper and leaving the other side to be peeled just before adding the cotton wool each day.

There is a poem to go underneath:

Santa's beard is very bare
On his chin, there is no hair
So each day add a puff of white
When they're all on, he'll come that night.

I can't do links (I'm on an iPad and haven't mastered the highlighting yet), but the site is invitingprintables.blogspot.com


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I've seen envelopes or little bags done, then numbered and decorated, also seen the cones done, liked them too! I quite like that one as an idea - an even better idea with them was to use different sized envelopes and then stick them up in a tree shape - thought that was clever!


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We did simple picture ones from Baker Ross one year and made them into Good Turn advent calendars. The week before we asked the Brownies to suggest of all sorts of different good turns they could do, then we typed them up (quite small). The girls coloured in the calendars and then chose 24 Good Turns to stick on the backs of the doors so that each day they opened a door and had to do that good turn.

The only problem was that with picture advent calendars some of the Brownies were quite confused about where the chocolate would go!