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Anyone know of any trainings coming up?


Brownie-induced madness
My new AG needs to do her "section specific training" and our DC has suggested that a joint Christmas Craft afternoon will do the job (which I'm not so sure about) so I thought I'd ask around if there were any trainings coming up, we are in Lancs NW but Lancs W is not so far away.



Guide Guider
Unfortunately she's just missed County Day because I didn't see this in time - sorry. Our next section specific training looks like the Welcome to Guiding on 18th January, or there's a Brownie section training on 6th February. (Rainbow Guiders have a section training on 27th February and Guide Guiders on 6th March.)

The flyers aren't out yet for these trainings, but if you send me your email address I can have a word with the County Chairman of Guiding Development (she's in my District) and ask her to send you a copy directly when they do become available.