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Applying for grants - question from a novice


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Last year, I covered the costs of one of my Brownies to come on our October holiday weekend (£60). Mum was aware that I was using pack funds. This year, not only has mum left dad and is a single mum with no income, but middle daughter has now joined my Brownies. I don't know what to do.

Younger daughter (middle child with a baby sister) would love to come away but I can't subsidise both girls and the family circumstances are not exactly unique (i.e. I have other girls who are finding money tight) so I don't feel it would be appropriate to give more funding to this family.

I know the Centenary Fund could possibly provide funding but I'd rather not ask mum to fill out the form (in fact there's not a cat's chance that I'd get the form back before the August deadline).

Are there any other grants available which could award up to £120 to cover the costs for the two girls and which I could apply to without mum's knowledge?


Are there any in your Guide County? I know many Counties have funds - your Commissioner may know of some or know who to ask.


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Even if you're not aware of your division/county/region having dedicated funds for this sort of thing it might still be worth writing a letter. A few years ago I needed help with costs for attending the National Scout and Guide Symphony Orchestra annual course and division, county, region and my local trefoil guild all contributed. Once you have a letter ready it only takes a couple of changes to send it somewhere else.