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ooooh Im now Brownies GiC!!
i know this has been tlked bout sumwhere but cudnt find it!! lol!!

Did they bring out a badge for ALQ or was it jus tlked bout brining one out?? if they r out do they need2b ordered thru badge secretary or can we jus buy one? n can they go on tabs n has anyone seen one- r they nice??!!


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yer they did think you need to order via badge secrety did post a picture but cant find it


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Yes the new LQ badge was introduced in Sept. It is only available from your Badge Secretary as it it a 'Registered B Goods' It has been suggested that newly qualified Leaders who completed their LQ from 1st Sept should be given the badge at the same time as being presented with the LQ Certificate. But the financial decision needs to be made locally as to who pays (e.g. Unit, District, Division, County).
All existing qualified Leaders may purchase the badge (£1.50).
Have tried to upload a picture of it, but have failed.
It was in Guiding magazine a few months ago; also in Guiding Essentials page 29.


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I think they brought out the ALQ badge and a YLQ badge together - its in the guiding essential mag at the mo!


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im, not sure so im just gona get in touch with my DC n ask them
You should be able to get one from Double Pennant Boat yard. That is West Mercia Badge depot. It is in Tettenhall. If you have access to a County Book, phone number is in there.


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I've got one, got it at Warks county day on Saturday. It's massive!

I didn't have to go through badge secretary, I was able to get it from the shop, but the shop manager was checking Appointment cards, particularly of Guiders she doesn't know.


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how massive is massive, our DC is in the process of getting me one, she left me a little not in my web ivory order that she hadnt forgotten and would get me one asap