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BBQ food


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I need to get food for 100 Scouts, Guides and leaders tomorrow, for a halloween BBQ on Saturday. I am working on a budget of about £2/person. Food needs to be easy to prepare (cooking in ovens not on a BBQ...) but look impressive! Any ideas?

We have soup kettles to keep soup warm, and access to a catering oven and kitchen.



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Do you have a good butcher that could do you the sausages and burgers on a deal? Real meat always looks impressive, even if you go for good quality sausages (Can be done in an oven easily), likewise can you get a couple of sacks of potatoes from a farm or a farm shop, usually about £5 a sack round here. They'll take an hour or so to cook but they are great on a cold night with simple fillings.

For that number I would try and keep it simple, but plenty of it.


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sausages cook easily in big trays in oven, although cooking that number will probably mean 3 trays worth of sausages at least! (and sausages take up less room on trays than burgers)

hot soup and roll possibility? can get tinned value soup fairly reasonably and that would be relatively simple to heat up on hob in large catering saucepan?

also those tinned hot dogs in a roll, as they are easily heatable in boiling water/microwave

or if you could get 50 or so large potatoes, could you do jacket potatoes (half each) and a variety of toppings? (although for 50 to cook in oven would take a while!!!!! and a long time to cut in half!)