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Question? Best Guide Age Games

Having worked with Rainbows and Brownies since being a Pack Leader I'm just about to start working with Guides, and realised I don't know that many games for Guides, apart from the traditional Ladders, and Tadpole. So my question is what games are popular with your Guides, what do you play, what goes down well, etc? It would be lovely to hear your thoughts :)
Thank you :D


Lots of ones which are popular.
Queen's Tig or 3 up - players get in pairs, and stand one in front of the other, in a circle (so it's like an inner and outer circle) with gaps between the pairs. Two players stand aside to take first shot - A and B. A chases B in and out and round the circle as they wish. If B stands in front of one of the people in the inner circle, then automatically the person at the back becomes the new B and A has to chase them instead. If A catches B then they swap roles . . .

Chair Basketball - split the Guides into 2 teams, one wear bibs or some other distinguishing mark. Each team also chooses a goalkeeper. Goalkeepers stand on chairs at opposite ends of the playing area, the other players arrange their chairs in the playing area as they wish - but once the game starts they can't move their chairs and have to stay sitting down. Players pass the ball from person to person, if they pass it to their goalkeeper they score a basket. After a goal (or if the ball goes out play/out of reach of any of the players), the referee bounces it in the middle and players reach for it.

Beret - allegedgly from France, players are in two teams, teams sit in rows facing each other, at least a couple of metres apart, and are numbered from opposite ends. A beret or bean bag is placed in the middle of the playing area. The Leader calls out a number and the two players come forward. If a player can grab the beret and run back with it to their place without being tagged, they get a point for their team. If a player can tag their opponent while that opponent has the beret in their hand, they get a point. Kicking or flicking the beret is not allowed, but feints, dodging, non-contact distracting is . . .


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I think you'll be surprised how many rainbow and brownie games will still be popular! Here's some of mine that I've collected:

'Bump': (similar to Tig above): Girls in pairs stood side by side spread around space, there's a runner and chaser, the runner can bump hips with one girl in apair declaring 'Bump!' as she does so, and the person in the pair who didnt get bumped now becomes the person being chased. If catcher catches the runner, they switch roles (may want to give a 3sec head start to chaser).

Squat the mosquito: Girls are obsessed with this, it's actually from the WAGGGS MDG resource. Effectively, every girl tapes a balloon on their bum or back...only two pieces of cellotape allowed. This is the mosquito. Every girl is given a bat made of a roll of newspaper (not too many sheets as you dont want it too hard). They must try and 'squat the mosquito' by whacking the baloon off with their bat. If a balloon is knocked off a girl she is out. If it is popped she is put as well. If it falls off she is out (they shouldnt move so energetically!). great game, but manage the behaviour in this one, if you have girls that just cant play nice I would avoid.

Sweet Hockey: Good end of term game where you have sweets to distribute. You need a box of individually wrapped sweets, which you place tipped out in the centre. Then, you position a chair to be the base of each team, 3+ teams work well. Each team gets a newspaper bat (as above). Try and make them floppy (much more difficult). Each team must always have one or two people holding onto their base. These are the defenders. The others are attackers. On the word Go, the attackers go out and get the sweets. Rules: 1)sweets may only be in contact with the bat. 2) sweets may not be covered by a body. 3) only 1 sweet may be transported per person. Sweets must be bought back to the centre of the base (under the chair). Defenders may knock sweets back under their cahirs from attackers, but mst not block them with body parts! After a while, all the sweets go from the centre, at which point, girls can go and steal them from other bases. Set a time limit, whatever sweets are under the base at the end of this time are wn and shared by that team. If anyone breaks the rules, you can set penalties like removing bats, time penalties where they cant steal or defend, or give away won sweets.

Sinking ship: Divide girls into teams of 4 roughly. Each team gets a sheet or two of newspaper. They must all stand on the newspaper. (they are standing on the wrecked bits of a sinking ship). Give them a time limit, and say they must be standing on it when the sharks come (you shout sharks!) Then, they step off, and you remove half of the newspaper and repeat. You keep doing this, with the newspaper to stand on being halved each time. Eventually girls are touching the floor when the sharks are about, so that team are out (they can become sharks looking out for people who are also out).

EDIT: instead of newspaper bats you can also use balloon bats above using the long skinny balloons you get....


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Our guides love Lighthouses (but one better for winter term)

One player will be the lighthouse and will stand on a chair at the end of the room with a torch. obsticals are placed around the room which act as rocks. In the dark the rest of the girls need to get to the lighthouse keeper without being caught. At any stage the Lighthouse keeper will turn around on her chair and shine the torch. If she can spot anyone they need to go back to the start. (May need a leader to inform the hidden girl she has been spotted) The game continues until someone gets to the front without being caught. This girl then becomes the lighthouse keeper.


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Discovered last night that my Guides love the game 'bring me' - they are divided into teams and a leader stands in the middle asking for items, such as 'something you put your feet into' This could be a shoe or if they are thinking cleverly then a box or bucket (we have even had a glove???) we give bonuses for imaginative items! Mine get really competative at this game! Its all to do with how you word the questions to make them think - some of the ones we used last night were - product of a camera (picture), someone whos name begins and ends in the same letter, the oldest in your team, two people from the same school (they can nick players from other teams!) something with six legs (for this we had a chair and a person and a picture of a ladybird) etc etc

Great game, no equipment needed just items already in room. The best answer we ever got when asked for something to blow your nose on was a Guide holding out their sleeve to the leader! ewwwwww!