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Bid of an odd one - Card Circles


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Hi everyone,
Like the title says it's a bit of an odd one. Basically I'm trying to find somewhere that sells already cut large card circles. When I say large I'm looking for circles around 45cm in diameter.

Only i've spent pretty much all day drawing, rubbing out, redrawing, measuring, cutting etc etc etc large pieces of regtangle card into circles and while they are circles they just don't match the quality I could do with.

Just wondered if anyone knows of anywhere I might get some, i'm looking on ebay and googling things but not had much luck. If not looks like i'll just have to stick with these.

Thanks :)


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I found the ex-GiC useful for this as she has a computerised card cutting thingymabob, so maybe find someone who does a lot of card making or ask the local craft shop if they can cut some for you?


Think 45cm will be too big for me to cut out on my cricut! as my mat size is 12" x 12"!!!! I need to work out the calculations!

ouch 45cm is 17.71 inches so I can't cut them out!!!!
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Do you need lots or just 1 or 2?
If you only need a few you could maybe find something like a circular tray which you could draw round (£ shops??).

If you need lots it would take hours (& be painful!).


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Thanks everyone for the ideas, some great ones to try out. I couldn't think of anything remotely useful yesterday other than the pencil with string and a drawing pin... Wasn't a good combination when your tired and it's not drawing where you want it!

Basically I'm making something similar to a story wheel but on a big scale, so need a large circle and a slightly smaller one to sit on top. I only need to do about 3/4 but that's 6/8 circles on total, it's taking me forever as the just don't look neat and have wobbly edges no matter how neat I try and cut them...


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Do you have a local secondary school that has a laser cutter in their dt dept? They cut card to any size or shape!

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useful tip - don't try and make them look neat -give them slightly wavy edges all the way round - it works brilliantly
I think you might be onto something there!!

Unforunately they do need to be that size as the amount that needs to go on them. I've finally finished one... but i'm not 100% happy with it. When I have more time i'm going to give all the ideas mentioned a try and see if I can find an easier way that works quicker.
Thanks everyone!


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Cake boards would work well, not the drum ones, but the double thick card ones.

Seen this on eBay, incase you don't have a cake supply shop near you:
I always use cake-stuff.com, but their double thick only seem to go to 16inch.

Good luck!