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Bonfire Night ideas

Mrs T

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Our next meeting is going to be an indoor bonfire night themed evening. Have got a few ideas including indoor camp fire and songs, giving them glow sticks but would like some other ideas to include cooking (looked at tealight cooking, but not sure) and would like to do some glow in the dark/torch games. Any ideas?


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Chocolate Finger sparkers

Dunk the end of a chocolate finger in a bowl of hot water then dip into a bowl of hundreds and thousands. Then eat.


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we are doing firework pictures with straw blowing, making edible bonfires with biscuits and chocolate sticks and haribos, and have got some glowsticks. We are trying to get an indoor campfire made,but not going very far! Otherwise lots of games in the dark, maybe a dress the Guy race


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As above but with mikado biscuits. Also smores - marshmallow over tealight and then squash between two digestives - I suggest this is done in small groups especially as it will possible the first time some of your girls will have been allowed so close to an open flame!
Edible bonfires can be created by basically piling things onto a biscuit with the aid of some icing or melted chocolate.
Games - Hedgehog/blanket game.
- Orders - in the dark get into line in order of height, birthday month, shoe size etc
- Giants house - split into groups and give them an object to make themselves into such as clock, table, lamp etc
- Light house - leader at one end, girls at other with some obstacles such as chairs in between, when leaders back is turn girls creep forward, every so often the leader turns around and shines a torch, anyone she can see is called out and has to go back to the beginning, winner is first one to touch leader (we carry on till everyone is home)


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We do scratch art pictures to look like a firework display, looks really cool. I was also planning on trying the 'edible sparkler' idea in Roundabout Seasons (dunking a breadstick in chocolate, similar to gwen's comment) but having read Gwen's comment above, that sounds easier and will involve less sugar for the little darlings before bed time :)


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We're doing hot choc, s'mores, sparklers and an animal hunt in the grounds using torches and cut outs of animals on hollographic card! Busy. Busy. :)


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i agree chocolate finger sparklers are really easy to do

a quick game - the girls skip/walk around room when you say sparkler, they pretend to use sparklers, when you say rocket they face another girl put their hands together in air like a rocket, when you say catherine wheel, in a 3 they carefully spin in a circle. you can play it so any left out girl is out so they can go make the chocolate finger sparkler without having to wait for each other!


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Very similar to everyone else it would seem! We are doing edible sparklers with chocolate fingers and hundreds and thousands, scratch art firework pictures and an indoor campfire.


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Quick warning on glow sticks - they contain glass, have known children land in hospital due to over-stretching and them going snap - worst option being in eyes!! Not to put you off just to say Be Careful!!! xxx


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edible bonfires (biscuit base and chocy fingers and red/yellow/orange sweeties and orange icing sugar fire)

edible sparklers (mikado or chocolate fingers dipped in warm water/icing sugar and hundreds and thousands and could be cruel and add a jelly baby guy?)

make a guy (think scarecrow... old clothing and newspaper scrunched up for stuffing and balloon for face?)

campfire (fake bonfire - rolled up newspaper, light it with orange/yellow/red tissue paper) and could even have a few pop up play tents/dens made of sheets/chairs and a few campfire songs and perhaps marshmellows on sticks


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Our unit have written a Bonfire Night Challenge badge with loads of activities and a sparkly, glow in the dark badge!
Message me with your email and I can send it to you.


bexcattergood! My forum inbox is full. I would love a copy of your challenge, please. My email should be on the title bar.