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Brownie Hen Night


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Our Snowy Owl is getting married next month and we would like to hold a 'hen party' for her at Brownies so that the girls are included. Obviously this would be a child friendly party so no chocolate willies!
Has anyone done this before?
Any ideas for games etc?


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Fruit juice/ squash mocktails.
Toilet paper wedding dresses.
Instead of hot potato, hot bouquet.
Pin the veil on the bride.
Learn napkin folding.
Wedding themed paper fortune tellers.
If your hall has a licence you could have some music and music themed games (statues, create a routine). Just remember to check some of the lyrics first!


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Chocolate game with a charity shop wedding/bridesmaid dress and net curtain veil
Kiss the frog ( like pin the tail on the donkey but with a large picture of a frog)
Left/right pass the parcel
Second the toilet paper wedding dresses
We got them to write some relationship advice cards for a happy marriage which were surprisingly profound
We did this too.... we got some plastic cocktail glasses and made mocktails with various different (and some totally undrinkable) combinations. We also did a bin bag wedding dress challenge so they all got to dress up their sixer in bin bags. Then they all wrapped the bride to be in toilet paper!

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