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Camp food questionnaire

I am working towards my catering licence and wondered if any of you have a questionnaire that you give the girls to complete?
I am catering for the second time and last time all I did was turn up and cook what was there. I didn't take any notes as at that time I wasn't ever going to be doing it again as there were other leader to do it ~ I prefer doing the crafts!
I will be catering on a guide camp in august for 10ish guides and 4 leaders. We cook on gas and there is an alter fire on site.
Have you any hints/tips to make the food as tasty but as easy as possible?!
Thank you in advance....


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I don't have a standard questionnaire, but I get them to list their favourite sandwich filler, favourite non-fizzy drink, favourite fruit, favourite snack, favourite pizza topping etc. Even if we aren't cooking pizzas or making sandwiches, it gives me a really useful idea of what sorts of foods they do and don't like. I always say they can list one food that they really don't like and won't eat (one only - if they offer more than one it gets ignored), so that I can try to avoid things that crop up again and again. It takes about 10 minutes at one evening (for Brownies - I imagine Guides could be quicker), and they actually seem to enjoy doing it and like being consulted. Just be prepared for the girls who love pizza and spag bol, but insist they won't eat tomatoes...

As for tips, I haven't cooked at Guide camp since I was a Guide, so I can't offer much help I'm afraid.


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My advice is to decide on menu, then ask questions based on that. I.e. if you are having jacket potatoes ask them which filling.

I split my questionaire in to categories, and did it in a grid, food down the side, and smiley face, neutral face and yukky face along the top.
Categories I had were:
jacket potato toppings
things to spread on bread (jam etc)
Sauces - tomato, salad cream etc

Would normally do cereal varieties too, but as 2 of our Guides parents work for Kelloggs we get a load of variety packs for free :)

As for a tip, keep the food simple, and don't mix things. For example, tuna pasta bake I would keep the tuna sauce, the pasta and the cheese all seperate to allow the girls to pick and chose


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We choose the menu then just give the options to tick which they will eat (They do it with parents at parents meeting) We do a pretty simple menu anyway-sandwiches, pasta, jacket pots etc so they're mostly choosing toppings
Thanks for your replies,
I will follow your advice, I was wanting to do something new and exciting but think I'm going to stick with the normal menus like pasta and jackets.
They seem to be the standard things that work, so why mend what's not broken! Why I thought making things difficult was a good idea I'll never know!
Great suggestions for the questionnaire I'll quiz them this wee.