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Celebrating England Challenge


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I've been asked to post this for a Guider In Tamworth Division... I'm just hoping I get the attachment on safely!

"1st Wilnecote Brownies have created a challenge badge to raise funds for Girlguiding in the Tamworth area. In the Olympic year, when England is host to many visitors, we felt it was a good time for our girls to appreciate and celebrate some English culture and traditions.

Compared to some of the challenges we have seen, you will see that the attachment is quite a long document. This is for 2 reasons: 1) We wanted to give a good choice of activities to suit different ages and interests. 2) Wherever possible we have cut down your preparation time by giving information on useful websites etc. to support each activity. So hopefully it will be easy to put into action should you choose to do so.

We would be really pleased if you do complete the challenge and would welcome feedback. Most particularly, we would be truly grateful if you would pass this on to all of your Guiding Contacts.

Badges are just £1 each plus packing and posting and the form for them is at the end of the challenge."

What intrigued me was that the Trefoil Guild are being challenged too. :)



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Can I be the first to say well done and thank you to those leaders- this is a great resource and it's truly a challenge (unlike some I've seen). Wondering if we can squeeze it in somewhere! :)


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Thank you for the positive responses, it's good that I'm not the only one that thinks it's an impressive first-attempt! Not that I'm even remotely biased, considering the Unit Guider rescued a crumbling Unit by leaping in at 3 weeks notice, with no previous Guiding experience... it's now an extremely successful and happy unit... biased, me?!?

Hello Alinta, <wave> from Tamworth UK - and there's a possibility for another challenge, linking up with a UK Unit?
I've been trying to think up some ideas like this for the next few weeks as we are having a Jubilee celebration with District and an Olympic one with Division and I wanted a different slant. Well done. This is excellent.