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Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Wide game? HELP!

We are having a weekend away with a Charlie and the Chocolate Factory theme, as we work towards the Scrumdiddlyumptious Challenge. Ideally I am wanting to do a wide-game with the Brownies, but am having trouble thinking of any ideas - my brain has had a melt-down I think!!
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!


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Maybe something based around the kids who won the golden tickets?
For completing each one, they get a golden ticket!

Mike Teevee - television something? Or putting the 'millions of tiny pieces' back together?

Violet - use violet's 'chewing gum' (blue-tak) to build something (with pencils/spaghetti)

Charlie Bucket - a bucket/water based game. Or something about helping/sharing because he always put others first. Or Fizzy lifting drinks (science experiment)

Augustus Gloop - German (I think) - something about Brownies/Guides in Germany

& the spoilt girl whose name I can't remember! Factory, golden chickens & eggs.


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Veruca Salt is the spoilt girl :)

What about some kind of mapping exercise to find a golden ticket, before going through a challenge for each character?

For Augustus, he fell into the chocolate... perhaps make chocolate fondue/melt chocolate buttons into a foil tart case over a candle?