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chinese new year


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we are doing chinese new year next week at brownies looking for a couple of games to play with the brownies have sorted out loads of craft activities for them to do


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Catch the dragon's tail.
Everyone lines up, either hands on shoulders of one in front, or can hold hands, and one end is the dragon's head, the other end is the dragon's tail. The head has to try and catch the tail, the tail and the body (every one in between) has to try and stop the head catching the tail. Once the head has caught the tail, the head becomes the tail and everyone moves up one place in the line.



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Planed to make some crafts with the brownies and chop stick games. Hopefully be able to buy some fortune cookies too!


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february 10th this year - so coming round quickly!

chop stick game with maltesers always goes down well with my rainbows :D

we often sing "my ship sailed from china" too

and I often get girls to try chinese crackers and give them a fortune cookie (I show girls what a chinese cracker looks like before its cooked and they then eat some)

another craft my rainbows have loved is doing a simple "fan" with their names written on it - there are a number of websites where you can get names "translated" into chinese

sometimes I've looked up what animal each of the girls are and they do an animal mask

I've used this one before: http://chineseculture.about.com/od/thechineselanguage/a/Chinese-Name-And-English-Name.htm


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Water sprite I think originated in China - Split the girls in half and get them to sit at opposite ends of the room. One person is The Water Sprite and stands in the middle with their eyes closed, the leader points to one person at one end and they in turn point to someone at the opposite end. On your count the sprite opens her eyes and the two girls chosen have to swap places without being tagged. If the sprite catches someone they swap places, if not they close their eyes and start again.

There is also a game called lame chicken that is to do with jumping over sticks but I can never seem to get it right, I am sure someone will be along shortly with an explanation.


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we did a game based on the animals with a chatcher in the centre... so call out a chinese animal and girls have to pretend to be that animal and cross hall without getting "caught"


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Tesco sell fortune cookies, but I discovered Morrisons do not! And I couldnt find any in the chinese cash and carry, did get some sweets though for them to try and some tiramisu buns for me! ;)

they call me tulip

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We celebrated last night as they also want to do pancakes and both these celebrations fall in our half term. We made paper chain snakes, tasted stir fry and found out what year we were born in. The girls then had a fortune cookie to take home


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thank you for your responses we are doing

baker ross chinese bookmarks
scratch magnets
lucky red envelope girls go home with chocolate coins
malteesers game
lame chicken
sign the chinese boat song


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Dont know if you have a tesco extra near you but ours do boxes of 10 for £1
I've got a tesco express nearby I'll have to check. But I know there's a small oriental food shop near my local market that probably have them, so if tesco doesn't have them I'll look there. Thank you for letting me know!


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last year our tesco's did box of 10 for £1, will be interesting to see if the price is the same this year!

there are a few sellers on ebay that do them too


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just remembered we did chinese tangrams one year for chinese new year :D

chinese football I think is a kick type game? bit like a shuttlecock, but using the feet to keep it in the air???? I'm sure I remember something called "chinese kick ball" mentioned from when the olympics was in bijing, seem to recall it from a challenge (home I'm recalling it correctly)???? and it could be reproduced out of tights stuffed with newspaper into a ball with feathers attached with elastic bands which was flicked from foot to foot to keep it up in the air? (probably just a way to practise ball control skills????)
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