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chinese new year

Chinese foorball:
Girls stand in a circle with feet touching and legs apart.
Double clasped hands used to punt ball, in an attempt roll it through someone's legs.

Some play it so that once through legs - you put a hand behind your back. Twice through - you have to turn facing outward, while still trying to "save".

We just keep a score, so first person to get 5 balls through sort of loses and we start everyone back to zero.
Use a soft vinyl ball, so portect fists.


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we call that icelandic football! lol (its actually called icelandic egg game...)

its probably called lots of other "titles" too in different countries! lol


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It may seem a stupid question but where in Asda or Tesco would I find fortune cookies and chopsticks as could not see them when i was in last night and I have lost one set of my chop sticks


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at the moment most stores have an isle or end of isle totally dedicated to "chinese food items"

chopsticks you could possibly find in lots of places at the moment? certainly I've seen them in pound shop, tesco, wilkinsons (where they were cheaper than pound shop!)

fortune cookies seem a wee bit harder at the moment to track down...


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I managed to get fortune cookies in tesco on Thursday. They were in the world food section and were half price so were 50p for a box of 10.