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Cold Cooking


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Guider Jean's Foolproof cardboard box oven:

You'll need: a cardboard box that will fit over your cake pan or cookie sheet. Apple boxes from the grocery store work well for me.
4 empty (of pop) pop cans (if yours are full, the girls will look after that problem for you)
1 (used; we recycle) tinfoil pie or cake pan, for the charcoal briquettes
lots of tinfoil and some masking tape

The box has to be completely covered inside with foil. I use the masking tape on the
underside to attach foil to box. Don't be fooled by shiny side in or out; doesn't matter.
Remember to run the foil over the "rims" of the box.

Start your charcoal in the pie pan. The books say 40 degrees F per briquette but I
just use a bunch of them. Cover the bottom of the pan, say.

What are you planning to cook? We've done chicken legs and thighs; baked potatoes;
various desserts; pizza; whatever. Prepare the stuff to be cooked while the coals are heating up. When the coals are ready and the food is ready -

Place the 4 pop tins on the ground around the briquettes, 0 0
[ ]
0 0
Balance your cookie sheet on the tins, and place the box over the top.
Inportant hint: make sure there is airflow in/out of the box. I prop my box up 1/4" on a
couple of twigs or small stones, otherwise (and I learned this the hard way) the
briquettes die on you for lack of air.

You can tell by placing your hand over the box that there is heat inside. When you
can smell your food, you might want to peek. Unless it's a cake, go ahead. We
usually do the chicken and then add some briquettes to do the cake while we're eating
our first course.

Big smiles for "Brown Bears in an Apple Orchard", aka chocolate cake over tinned apple pie filling (you could use real apples if you have the time). Or you could use cherry pie filling = bears in a cherry orchard. There is never any cake left over.

Jean in Winnipeg


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One of my girls is ceoliac so no dairy allowed. We do normally have kitchen access, but not this week and it's a bit late to change.

We did biscuit decorating earlier in the year and I was thinking of smoothies, but don't know if I can buy speciallity yoghurts? Or could I just use soya milk for her? (yuck)
ceoliacs are allergic the wheat not dairy, my cousin is dairy allergic and her mum would quite happily bring in alpro 'yoghurts' that she could use in cooking in return for you making the effort to include her and not having to take her daugter to a and e.


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I love the box oven idea - might try this out with my own girls during the summer holidays if we have a nice summer :idea3:

sounds like fun