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Common Q&A about the new programme


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Hi. I have recorded UMAs for my unit, but can't work out how to see the number of hours (or minutes at the moment!) they've covered under each theme. Thanks


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Same here! I am completely lost as to when the year badges are due 1.7 does that mean in 1 year & 7 months or .7 of a year in which case when the heck is that!
It is .7 so just under three quarters. I look at it that anything .75 or higher it going to be some point during the next three months so I need to order the badge. When that get to .9 then I need to check the date so I can fit in awarding it.


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I’m planning to award them once a term, at the end of term. The vast majority of girls start in our units at the beginning of term, and move on between terms. If they have done three terms - that’s close enough to a year.