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County Day, Saturday 24th


Darth Vader (12,500+ posts)
Sorry, I am at Waddow.

Quite a few of my division will be there.... my tame Div Comm is taking the archive stuff on my behalf.


Gift Aid - which was really interesting and I'm looking forward to getting started! - and welcoming new Rainbows - lots of good ideas to welcome in new members to the unit.

Then had a great time doing craft in the afternoon - some great safety pin badges and loads of others to try!

I really enjoyed the day - and lunch was great too!

What did you do?

Cazbly, I also had a look through the archive boxes - but that just made me feel old!


Darth Vader (12,500+ posts)
Glad you had a look through - may make you feel old but remember they are the easy way to do the Trads of Guiding badges with everything you need in the box :)


Veteran (100+ posts)
I did brownie stuff.
I always enjoy the crafts, the bead pins were brilliant. Would have like to have made the butterfly/ladybird pegs and the pendle witch topper but didn't have time. Picked up all the sheets for everything I didn't get chance to do.
Spent a fortune for the unit at trading too!