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Creative use of junk/recyclables please.

Hey, how did you know I had flowery wallpaper? I'll need to rip it off the wall first!

But I could take a pair of scissors to my numerous soft furnishings....Nothing is too much for the girls eh?
I'll trash my house and they'll get perfectly decorated hats...Yay, problem solved. :thumbsup:
I'm beginning to lose the plot :speechless-004


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My gran did this at a club, she made the hat from plaiting toilet roll and stitching it together which obviously you can't do, but then she decorated it with net bags that satsumas & oranges come in and it looked REALLY good!
I need to sleep on this one. I'll probably come up with a good idea lying in bed, then have forgotten it in the morning.

Bye for now and thanks for the entertainment, esp Pompey.


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Use wrapping paper (that was used to wrap presents!)
Scraps of material from old clothes
Somewhere I've seen instructions to make animals (e.g. caterpillars) from old socks

Hope this helps!


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I believe ICE COOL in adventure100 has an activity about using recycling for outfit.... perhaps could double up as one of your adventure100 challenges too?

simplest idea I think would be the catalogues/magazines/comics and have a load of stencils and get girls to cut out different coloured flowers and stick them on... (if you don't have enough donated catalogues to recycle in this way, could always go visit wilkinsons/argos etc? and then recycle those?)


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could try charity shop for some old clothing with flowery designs on them which you could get girls to cut out and use? (plus ask for any old clothing with flower designs on it)
I'l ask the Rainbows if they've got old stuff to donate. We're doing "Reduce, Re-use, Recycle" as this week's theme.
It'll be interesting to see the response.


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you could get the girls to bring in an old hat so you can stick straight on to it rather than trying to make the hat bit too. (caps and cowboy hats work good) but any hat would prob be fine


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if you have enough time, how about making "vases" out of papier mache (old newspapers recycled) and then get girls to paint/decorate them, attach them to the hats and then fill them with flowers? could look quite effective? (not sure what you would use as the mould/base? milk carton perhaps? plastic bottle?)

if you did the vases over plastic bottle and kept bottle inside they'd be waterproof, could then perhaps have oasis in bottom and do a proper flower arrangement with real flowers/leaves? or could just use pruned twigs turned into flowers with tissue paper (could even do blossom, scrunch up tissue paper, dip in pva glue and attach to twig)


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Ask for people's empty cereal boxes, the cardboard sleeves from food packets etc - cut flower shapes (maybe one larger, plus a smaller one from a different colour?), leaves, or anything else the children fancy (stripy bumble bee)? Drinks cartons, cut open and the sticky side cleaned, could also work.