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Information: Crisp factory in Northen Ireland

Rainbow wren

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I know there are not many Northern Ireland Guiders on here but I thought I would post this any way in case any of you come over on Holiday or anything.
This morning me and my 2 kids went with some freinds to Tayto castle in Tandragee for a tour of the Crisp factory.
It was great really well organized and both the kids and the Adults loved it.
Not realy suitable for younger Rainbows but Browniesand Guides would love it (and SS/ yl would love eating all the Crisps)
It cost £5 for adults and £3 for Kids but we got to taste lots of crisps going round and each person got a sample packet of a new flavour and got to pick a six pack of their favouites to take home. The Kids also got a activite booklet which opens in to a poaster.


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I'm nowhere near Northern Ireland, but wanted to say that sounds like a really good value day out. I live round the corner from Cadbury World and that is much much more expensive for a tour of the chocolate factory and interactive museum about the history of chocolate and free samples. £5 for an adult is great, especially considering the cost of all the free crisps you get.


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Rainbow Wren - I was just looking on a map to see where you had been. You can't be that far from my daughter - she lives over the border near Carrickmacross. My son-in-law works in Dundalk. We visit regularly and often 'pop over the border' while we are there. We are flying in tomorrow - maybe we could fit in a crisp factory visit!!