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Urgent! Desperate for games for Brownies and guides


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were doing a fathers day craft and will end up having spare time , im looking for a brand new easy game, we always play the same one's such as:

Blink murder
Chinease whispers
Sleeping Lions
Kim Games

The pack is quiet loud so any noise games would be great :)

Thanks for all of your suggestions


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four corners
red letter game
grandmas footsteps
whats the time mr wolf
the ball through the legs game (i dont think it has a name!)


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Our girls loved the ring-on-a-rope game. You need a really long skipping rope (the type you have two people swing for a third), a ring on the rope, one girl in the middle and the rest in a circle holding the rope. The girls have to pass the ring around and the girl in the middle need to guess who has the ring.

Traffic lights, with red=sit down, amber=walk, green=run, then other colours/actions as you want (skipping, hopping etc).

Relay races, Duck Duck Goose, Fruit salad.


Playing Card Race
Teams are lined up at one end of the hall, at other end are tables. On the tables lay out one suit of cards opposite each team, face down and mixed. The first player from each team runs up and turns over a card. If it's the one they want they leave it face up, otherwise they turn it back. Either way they run back and tag the next player to run. First team to get all the cards turned up in the order ace, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, J, Q, K wins.

Talking Competition (aka you could talk for Scotland)
Run off heats in pairs with a Guider supervising, challenge being to talk non-stop at each other - first to pause is knocked out. Who will be the unit talking champion?

American Dodgy Ball
Similar to the standard game, where anyone hit below the knee is out, but in this case you have a sin bin of 4-6 chairs - those who are out sit at the end of the row, as more people are out they move along the row. Anyone shunted off the end of the row is back in the game with no further penalty . . .

Buddy Tig
All players but 'it' are in pairs - the players in each pair link arms. Whenever 'it' tigs someone, that person becomes 'it's' partner, and the old partner is the new 'it'.

Beret (allegedly French game)
Two teams who sit in lines facing, a reasonable distance apart, with the 'beret' (we use a sturdy bean bag) in the middle. Teams are numbered from opposite ends. The leader calls a number and the two players approach the middle. If a player manages to grab the bean bag and get back to their team's line without being caught by their opponent, they get a point. If a player manages to tag their opponent while she is touching the bean bag, she gets the point . . .


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the ball through the legs game (i dont think it has a name!)
Do you mean Monkey Football? Where they make a circle, legs spread, feet touching the next person, bent over to defend their goal (between their legs) with their hands?
Or is this different?


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Fe, fi, fo, fum - acting game
Eights - quiet game
Seaweed - run around
Jump the blob - just fun
Hedgehogs - quiet game
Rabbit Families - run around
Giants house - acting and teamwork
Water sprite - some running
Grandmothers footsteps - quiet
R, R, R - Running game
Stuck in the mud - running
Fish in the sea - Running
Fruit salad - sitting/running
Silent writing - quiet
Alphabet challenge - thinking/running
Yes or no - sitting-funny
Dicerobics - active
Bring me a - thinking/running

If you need any explained let me know


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sticky toffee...did you not play that at primary school? we played it every day! :)

right you start off with 1 or 2 "stickies" (or taggers/it) who have everyone else grab onto their fingers. They then say "i went to the shop and bought some sticky ...... (insert word here)" when they say sticky toffees everyone has to run away and the "stickies" have to try and it them. If they do touch anyone then that brownie has to freeze with their arms outstreched and legs apart. to unfreeze the frozen girls you have to run under their arms so they can stop being stuck.

this game is also known as stuck in the mud!


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no never heard of it , it sounds abit like tig but with a twist :) , ill have to try it , i think im going to try and attempt to teach them squirrels :) , lol ,it kinda wreaks the point of my name ...... anyways i have to get ready for the fathers day craft , i suppose i just gotta hope for the best with this one :)


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Hedgehogs (the version we play) is all the girls running around. Someone shouts "Hedgehogs down!" and they all curl up on the floor like hedgehogs. Cover one up with a blanket then call "hedgehogs up!", and they have to guess who is under the blanket.


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Do you mean Monkey Football? Where they make a circle, legs spread, feet touching the next person, bent over to defend their goal (between their legs) with their hands?
Or is this different?
oo we know this as 'eggs in a basket', you have to stop the egg rolling out of the basket( as in ball rolling between legs) i'm sure its a game from guiding in iceland
we originally played it in 2 lines facing each other and called it the norfolk ball game as we'd seen brownies playing it on the beach at norfolk!


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With Hedgehogs they crawl on the floor and when the leader says hedgehogs down they curl up and you cover one with a blanket. We used to play that when you say hedgehogs up everyone ran over and asked the covered up girl questions. They have to be questions that can be answered yes or no. We found though that everyone just shouted so now they all stay curled up until a leader taps them on the shoulder, that girl then sits up and asks a question. Once they get an answer they curl up again and you tap another one. Eventually someone will ask "is it Sally?" which will get a yes or no answer. Once they guess correctly you say hedgehogs up and start again.
Seaweed - one person is chosen as the octopus and can move anywhere in the playing area. You need to have a safe zone or line at each end of the room. Everyone else is at one end. When a leader shouts Go they all try to get to the other side without getting tagged. If they are caught they become rotted to the spot and become seaweed. On the next Go everyone runs back again trying to avoid the octopus and any seaweed that are waving there arms(while feet stay still) trying to catch the runners. Make sure everyone is running in the same direction and are all across before you say go again to avoid collisions.


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Shoe game, my Young Leader taught us this one.

Everyone sits in a circle and takes off one shoe and places it in the middle. Then a leader/young leader/helper stands in the middle and picks up two shoes, the owners of the shoes then stand up and hop round the circle, first one back gets their shoe back. Other shoe goes back into the middle and then two more shoes are selected, keep going until everyone have their shoes back.


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My Brownies favourite game is "Jump the River" you have two pieces of rope (or any kind of marker) and the space between is the river. The each take a turn to jump over then line back up and the river gets wider each time.

They get quite competitive at this and I'm sure we have some future long jump Olympians in the unit.

Or you could have scream races. They go one at a time and run and scream at the same time and have to stop when they run out of scream. The winner is whomever gets furthest. You need quite a bit of space for this as you'd be surprised how long they can scream for!

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We get some great new games from the girls themselves, we play a huge amount of games but we always say if any of them can remember games from school that they can play at brownies if they can tell us the rules we will give them a go, we had two new games last night :)


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The Brownies I'm with like playing 'submarines' (probably known by other names as well). Basically all the girls apart from one go to one end of the meeting place and get into pairs. The one girl sits on a chair, blindfolded and facing the other players. Under the chair place a set of keys (or similar that makes a noise). When ready everyone is quiet and the first pair start walking towards the girl on the chair. The girl then points in the direction of where she thinks the other players are, if she points directly at them they are out. This continues until all the pairs have had a turn and are out, or someone's managed to get the keys. The person who gets the keys is the next person on the chair.

Another game I've adopted from a Rainbow game, which is about observation. In Rainbows it's called 'find Olivia', in the Royal Wedding Challenge 'find a ring'. I've printed off the pictures of the various sixes and laminated them. Get all the girls to sit down and close their eyes (no cheating!!!). In the designated playing area (room) hide the pictures so that they can be seen - make it as hard/easy as you want. Once hidden around the room, the girls can then go look for the pictures - with the Brownies the picture of their six emblem. Once they've seen the appropriate picture they have to sit down where they are - even if they're at one end of the playing area and the picture they're looking for is at the other end. This continues until all the girls have spotted the picture/object they're looking for. The game then restarts. NOTE: check for cheating, and explain to the girls that once they've seen the picture/object they're looking for they sit down, regardless of where they are in relation to the picture - encourage them not to sit right by the picture.

I've played it quite a lot with my Rainbows (and now Brownies) and they always fall for the same tricks. As the floor in the meeting place is wooden, I'll walk around quite a bit, to confuse the girls to where I've put the picture(s). Also they always seem to first look where they see me when they've been allowed to open their eyes, even though I may have put the picture(s) somewhere else in the room. I've been known to hide the pictures slightly behind something else or slightly higher up than usual. In Rainbows I normally use the Rainbow Olivia doll and been known to put her in the hood of Guiding jacket to see how observant they're being.