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Drayton Manor


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Has anyone done Drayton Manor with Brownies? I'm contemplating it but not sure whether it would be more for Guides. I know we took Guides there about 3 years ago and I took my then 3 year old but she was in the kiddy bit which is obviously too small for Brownies. I didn't get to see much of the rest of the park.

Your thoughts would be good if you've been with Brownies (or indeed with family and have an opinion!)



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We've been to Alton Towers with Brownies and to be honest, I wish we'd gone to Drayton Manor- we go most years as a family and it is much more family friendly than Alton Towers :)

My brownie aged sister loves it...however her twin brother is more dare devilish and is tall enough at 9yrs to go on all the scary rides like apocalypse!! But there is plenty to do outside of Thomas Land, which you might think is a bit young, but some rides are still popular with us- like the troublesome trucks :)

Splash Canyon (1m)/Storm Force (1.2m), Drunken Barrels, Cable Cars, flying dutchman and Ben 10 are favourites with us....but I hate Ben 10 ride and some of your smallest will not be tall enough, but still may well enjoy some things in Thomas Land or the Carousel. :)


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Thanks Beth, I was toying with Alton Towers as well but I thought that was too grown up for them with more that they wouldn't be able to go on (height restrictions, etc).


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lots of the 'bigger' rides at Drayton manor's are for 1.2m and bigger so it would be one of the best parks for Brownies I'd say.


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I just took my son for his 8th birthday, with 2 friends. They went on most of the rides (including the Thomas Land ones!). Its good because there is a lot for that kind of age range. There are also lots of places to sit for lunch. Public transport is limited though!


been most years with our brownies untill recently (new brown owl) all rides are close together so no massive hikes. not so big Qs
then there is the zoo haunted manor pirate cave thing for a quiet ride, boat rides always seems to be lots of guides and brownies there when we have been
Kids loved it
I have taken a small group, about 8 I think, they really enjoyed it but I can't say I did especially. Too much time queueing for some of the bigger rides and difficult when they all want to go on different rides, some liked the quieter ones and some the big ones. I guess I think it's the sort of place that is better with guides when they can go off on their own, or perhaps if you have lots of leaders and can split into groups according to who wants to do what. That said it is a nice theme park, not too big and plenty for that age group to do.