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Idea! Easy Science Experiments for Brownies / Guides

Hi All
I am Young Brownie Leader who has been working towards my Queen's Guide Award. As part of this I have written a resource of experiments suitable for Brownies and Guides to encourage more leaders to explore science with their units.
The experiments are written so that a leader with no experience can run them and use products available in most supermarkets / around the house.
The majority of the experiments have been trialled by my ever patient Brownies and Leaders and only those which worked and they girls enjoyed included.
I have attached the resource here in case anyone is interested in using it with their units. Do let me know if you have any questions.



GIC Guide/SS
Thanks for sharing this, Think my Guides might enjoy some of these ideas

And good luck with the rest of your QG award


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That's brilliant, thank you.
I was just bemoaning how the Guides Science badge had been dumbed down so this is super. I can get them really fired up on this.


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We did this as part of a potions class at a wizard themed sleepover- great stuff. We also make film cannister rockets with alka seltzer and water.