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favourite games for brownies


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Mine still want to play the same ones each week regardless of how many different ones you play, and they don't understand when you explain that they would get bored if you let them play the same one all the time.


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A nice quiet one is eights, mine know it so well now they can do it with minimal supervision. Everyone sits in a circle with both legs in. Someone start by lifting a leg and counting one, then the next leg is two, person next to them counts three and four and so on until you reach eight. Which ever leg is eight has to be tucked in. The next person starts again from one, each time you get to eight a leg it taken out and only the legs left in can be counted. When a brownie has both legs out she sits cross legged. The winner is the last leg in. You can change the number to lengthen or shorten the game. I think it came from Africa originally where it is too hot to play running around games in the middle of the day.


Last night ours loved 'pass the bell' - haven't done it for a while. Everyone sits in a circle except it, who is in the middle with eyes closed. They pass a small handbell around the circle. If it hears the bell ring, she chases the person round the circle and back to her space. If it catches the ringer, the ringer goes in the middle, otherwise it has another go. So you can choose to be careful or not, or your neighbour can be cruel and bump the bell just as you take it from her . . . ! The other week I taught them some games from my childhood - 'ali baba', 'cat's got the measles' and 'red rover' - found it strange they didn't know any of them as they all go to my old school!

I also find the 'macscouter' online games book great for new ideas . . ..


Will someone please explain Clock and Tower and Cream Cheese Brownies?

I've never heard of either of these games and they appear to be many pack's favorites!



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Ours like alot of games that involve running around! Such as:
-Bumblebees and toadstools

And I recently taught them 'sheep sheep come home'
Oh and one to do with sharks which is kind of the same format as sheep sheep come home


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We did fishes in the sea last night, I forgot the piece of paper with the jumping beans info on - oops.

They loved playing it - more games in future I think :)