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Urgent! firework game


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we play Fishes in the Sea quite a bit, and for fireworks night we just adapt it.

In case you don't know how to play Fishes in the sea, girls sit in a circle facing outwards, and you name them one of three fireworks. then you call out a name of a firework, and those girls get up and start walking around the circle. you then call out names of fireworks and girls do a corresponding action (i.e. rocket = running, banger = jumping, whizzer = skipping, catherine wheel = spinning), If you shout 'wind change!' the girls turn and move in the other direction. keep going and call out different actions, then shout 'fireman's coming!' and the girls have to run around the circle to sit back into their place (not allowed to change direction, so if they've just missed their place they have to go all the way around). last girl into her place is out and faces inwards.

hope that helps

Sit girls in a circle. Give each one of the key words to remember and when they hear that word in the story, they run around the circle back to their place and sit down. On hearing ‘Guy Fawkes’, they all run around. Read slowly and give them time to complete a circle because sometimes they have to run again straight away and it’s funnier to let them sit and then have to get up again!!

Or it can be played in teams, girls stand one behind the other in a line, with each girl taking one of the keywords and when they hear that word in the story they run down round a chair and back to their teams. When they hear "Guy Fawkes" they all join hands and run in a line down round the chair and back to where their team came from. Played this game with my Brownies last night (in team formation) and they loved it.


Guy Fawkes (everyone runs)



Picture the scene; it’s 1605 and Queen Elizabeth 1st, who was of the Protestant religion, had just died without marrying or having any children. The Scottish James 1st became KING and it was hoped that he would make England a Catholic country again, but he didn’t.

GUY FAWKES was a Catholic and a SOLDIER. He was angry that England was staying a Protestant country, so he and his fellow CONSPIRATORS decided that they would kill the KING and destroy PARLIAMENT to bring back a Catholic KING.

However, GUY FAWKES and his CONSPIRATORS started to have second thoughts about using GUNPOWDER and wrote a letter to their friend, Lord Monteagle who was a member of PARLIAMENT and also a Catholic, to warn him not to go to PARLIAMENT on November 5th. But, Lord Monteagle passed the information on to the KING.

The KING ordered SOLDIERS to search the CELLARS of the Houses of PARLIAMENT looking for the GUNPOWDER. The SOLIDERS looked in the deepest CELLARS. They also looked in the wine CELLARS. Finally, the SOLIDERS found the GUNPOWDER and some of the CONSPIRATORS, including GUY FAWKES, and arrested them.

The CONSPIRATORS were tortured and went to trial accused of treason against the KING and the attempted murder of the members of PARLIAMENT. All were found guilty and the judge ordered the SOLIDERS to take GUY FAWKES and the other CONSPIRATORS from the CELLARS and send them to a horrible death by being hung, drawn and quartered.

Now, just over 400 years later, we celebrate the CONSPIRATORS defeat by SOLIDERS of this treasonous act against the KING in the CELLARS of the Houses of PARLIAMENT by setting off fireworks filled with GUNPOWDER.

(Pause to let everyone sit down) Thanks GUY FAWKES!

Too late to play this year but one to keep for 2014!