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First Aid Badge and Pre-Design Set


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Hi All,

We've designed a unique First Aid badge which in the day is Green with White writing however by night it glows green in the dark, see image. It's a but more than our usual badges at £1.90 each due to the special thread. It would look great on a camp blanket or clothing especially on a dark camp night.

We've also added 5 new badge designs under our Special Request section. These are pre-designed badges with costs already worked out that can be customised to a units event. We've added Crime Prevention/Police Visit, Fire Safety/Fire Station Visit, Farm Visit and a couple of Olympic themed badges such as Torch Relay (which could be altered to say Sports Day or similar) and a special medal shaped badge with gold thread. We've also included our current Diamond Jubilee badge which can be customised also.

Prices are dependant on quantity and each badge varies depending on threads required. Prices can be found on each individual page. Links to First Aid badge and Special Request



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I'd like to add that their Brownie Six emblem pin badges (custom request) are great too. Much better than the sew on emblems if, like me, you have to rebalance the Sixes on a regular basis!


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Is the torch relay badge without the customisation of the unit name available individually? I can't see that version on the website.


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Hi bagpuss, No it isn't I'm afraid (or at least not yet).

We've been thinking about it but didn't think the demand was there for it. Quite a few people want ones and twos for themselves but unless there are a few units needing them we can't do it.

We could be swayed if people come forward...