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Question? First time as QM, please comment on menu


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I didnt explain myself clearly whoops.
We always ask the girls what they want to eat before we go away so they have the chance to voice they don't like what they have been offered then. Its the ones that turn round as its put down in front of them declare they don't like it! We explain to the parents that the girls have chosen the menu so they have too be prepared to eat it
That makes more sense.


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how many are you catering for? just thinking about the size of the oven. Could they have a slice of pizza with salad and half a jacket spud (spuds could come out before pizza went in) thinking along the 'pizza chips and beans' theme but healthier?

I'd do American pancakes, bacon and maple syrup. Wouldn't worry about the hash browns. Mmmm, can I come :)