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Flintstones wide game - ideas please!


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Ok I have to start from scratch.. approx. 15 Brownies and 15 Cubs.
We will need a series of bases around a school playground sized site. About 6 - 8 challenges will do.
I have
1/ Pin the tail on a dinosaur blindfolded.
2/ hit the dinosaur after making a balister with canes
3/ decode the dinosaur DNA

Now I'm stuck
Any other ideas??
Anybody ever done a Flintstones widegame?
Thanks Ladies!


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Get a bunch of cardboard boxes etc & get them to build a flintstones car that they drive between each activity?


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Loving both these ideas, thanks Ladies! I had thought about making a Flintstone car as a craft activity later on in the weekend but we could do it there as well.