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Question? Forms for Brownies sponsored walk

Dr F

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I need some clarification!
I've advised our new Brownies leader where my dd attends (I'm a Guide leader) that for the sponsored walk (easy countryside about 2 miles) she is organising that she will need to have event/info consent forms and health forms as the walk will be outside of the normal meeting time and place, am I correct in saying that health forms are required for a walk? I know the local commissioner would need to be informed but does there need to be a home contact set up? It was suggested by another Brownie leader that the starting forms would cover the consent for this event - this isn't right is it?
One other point - if the parent attends with their daughter do they need any forms at all?

Thanks for any help in advance :)


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Health forms only required for overnights. Home contact should be set up. Starting brownies Doesn't cover this event. Every under 18 member needs a form.


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From the manual:

For Lowland countryside:

Participants must have completed an Information and Consent for Event/Activity form and carry a completed Health Information form. If younger than Guide age, these must be carried by the Leader.
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