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G2G Rocky Horror

Which date is best for you?

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Who fancies a theatre trip to see Rocky Horror in costume??

We're looking at either Friday 28th or Saturday 29th May 2010. Performances both start at 8.30 pm and it's at the Nottingham Royal Concert Hall. Tickets are £32.50 each. If there's more than 10 of us we'll get a 10% discount.

I need official interest noted via a pm (and a poll vote for the best date for you) and i will pm you back with how to send me the money. I need to book the tickets by next weekend to ensure we can get them. Friday currently has better availability than Saturday. I will be asking you all to pay via bank transfer to my card (i have a prepaid card so will be using that and the way to avoid me being charged is a bank transfer - easily done in branch if you don't have internet or telephone banking)

Feel free to discuss below!!!


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excellent! :D

I went to see Rocky Horror during it's run in Bromley! (the 30th anniversary tour) when Nasty Nick & Robbie Williams mate was in it.
We didn't dress up but we did get quite used to seeing people walking up & down the high street in costume........... :p


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Need to check May festivals but this sounds like loads of fun!!!

Get back to you soonly!

ETA - it clashes but I wanna go. Actually I wanna go to both!!!

Going to have to give this one a miss guys




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Poking people cos i've only had 1 pm about paying. I need to pay them really soon, so please if you want a ticket let me know asap!!!