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Urgent! Games/activities with money or coins for guides

Hi All, first time here. We have to bag up lots of money for a charity that we collected for (most of which is pennies). So I thought that after we had done that we could do some games or coins that are coin or money related. Does anyone have any ideas for 10-14 year olds? Thanks for any help.

sandra 100

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when we raised money for children in need we got the girls to make things with the coins ie pudsey, the trefoil, a smily face anything really we did ours in sixes


5 coins
Two teams sit in rows facing each other, a metre or so apart (can start off wider to allow for them creeping in!). Players on the teams are numbered from 1 to whatever from opposite ends (so 1 sits opposite 8, 2 opposite 7 etc). On a stool or low table in the middle put 5 coins (2ps are a good size). Put a chair at either end, one for each team. When you call a number the two players get up and rush to the table in the middle. One at a time, they transfer the coins from the table to their team's chair. The first to get three coins on their chair gets a point, the coins are then put back on the table for the next turn. At the end, team with the most points wins.

Post Office
Have the Patrols stand in queues. A chair is placed in front of each team, and another behind each (ideally with solid backs turned towards the teams so what is placed on the seat of the chair can't be seen). Each team starts with 50p in change on the chair at the front. The leader calls out a sum of money, this sum of money must be left in the post office (the chair in front of the team), with any unwanted coins transferred to the back chair. Coins are left in place for the next turn, so the next player has to transfer coins as required (as it goes on, they will have to try and remember what sum is on which chair if they are to avoid running back and forwards . . .)


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World records:
- The world record for stacking as many coins as possible in 30 seconds is currently 44. They can only have one coin in their hand at a time to build the tower but can straighten it. The record was done with 2p coins.
- The world record for stacking 25 coins in the quickest possible time is 24.43 by Steve Backley. This was again done with 2p coins.
I guess they could be done with any coins. Both of these have videos on the internet of them being completed.

There is also the aeroplane challenge where you have 10 coins in a triangle (an aeroplane) and you have to turn the aeroplane round so it faces in the opposite direction, by moving as few coins as possible. (It can be done by moving three coins.)