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Games for choosing activities


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I have a Rainbow unit and we are looking at making their decision making more fun and interesting than just putting up their hand to choose which usually means they copy their friends.

Does anybody use games as a way of getting the girls to choose which activities they wish to complete for a badge? I can only think of corners where the girls run to whichever corner their chosen activity is in.


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all sit on chairs in a circle. If they like the activity they get up and change chairs.
sit on floor in a circle. show happy or sad face.


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for badges/roundabouts and voting we use youghurt pots and marbles - depending on how many choices each girl is being given, determines how many marbles they have (usually 3 marbles, so they get to choose 3 things they most want to do) - at least with marbles its easy to see who has voted and prevent girls voting more than once!

for simpler things like which game to play/which song to sing, we do a show of hands

your idea of corners actually does sound like a good idea....
I've the names of games on laminated coloured paper.
So, from a selection of 3 at a time, I get either one Rainbow to choose (each Leader is holding one up) or they all choose by standing next to the Leader and the most popular one is played.
I found with the latter it meant some girls didn't get to play what they wanted (because they were consistently in the minority) and there can be a certain amount of following friends, rather than actually making up their own mind.
Recently I've had one girl to choose at a time.


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We have done lots of similar things to the yogurt pots and marbles- also with stickers, etc.

Around the election we did a ballot paper with pictures rather then words which they filled in in a little booth

for Guides we have hung lengths of rope from a table next to a note saying the activity- the girls can tie 3 knots on any rope to vote for an activity & if there is strong options, we do a second round where they can untie 1 knot for an activity they really don't want to do