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games for small groups!


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this isn't guiding related but i thought i'd call on your expertise!
i'm helping with the children's work at an event at church (basically the event is for the parents we're just entertaining the kids). we have some activities but a lot of space for 'games, chill out, run around whatever' as they've put it!

We will have six 7+ year olds...no idea of their exact ages but i'm thinking brownie age (and possible some guide age??)..now doing brownies i'm used to this age group but i'm also used to 26 of them not 6 and my minds gone blank for games

any ideas?


Rainbow, Brownie & Guide Leader..
Queen/King's got a headache, red letter, ladders, grandma's footsteps, what's the time mr wolf, simon sais, fireball, hedgehog/hide the child (would be good if they don't all know each other too!), shopping game, splat, zip zap boing, bibitybobityboo (similar to zip zap boing but LOADS more rules!), pass the rainbow rabbit round, four corners, anything involving a ball, tag, stuck in the mud

can't think of any more! but let me know if you want any of them explaining!


Rainbow, Brownie & Guide Leader..
there are two versions of fireball that i know, one is everyone stands at one end of the room, and two people stand opposite each other with a ball each, they take it in turns to call out something like, everyone who has a pet, and everyone who that applies to runs to the other end of the room, the two callers then roll the balls to each other and anyone hit by the balls then swaps with the callers.

the other version is similar, but everyone runs across together, so no callers, and starts with one/two balls. then as they run across they need to avoid the balls, but if they are hit they are then out and become throwers and the number of balls increases so eventually, you have two people left in and loads of balls going across the room!

Pass the rainbow rabbit came from my mums unit who have a rainbow rabbit as well as olivia, but you could adapt to another toy/mascot. everyone sits in a circle and one person starts in the middle and closes their eyes. the rainbow rabbit/other toy or mascot is then passed around the circle while everyone sings "pass the rainbow rabbit round, rabbit round, rabbit round, pass the rainbow rabbit round, my fair rainbows" to the tune of london bridge is falling down, then when the song finishes, whoever has the rabbit/toy then puts it behind their back and everyone else puts their hands behind their backs. the person in the middle then has three guesses at who has the toy. the person in the middle and the person with the toy then swap over and you do it again!