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Games that don't need equipment?


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As a unit helper I am often left running games with the girls whilst the LiC is preparing for the main activity/doing admin/whatever. As much as the girls seem to love endless rounds of duck duck goose and chinese whispers, I'm looking for some new ideas that work well for between 10-15 Rainbows and that don't need any kind of set up or equipment to keep up my sleeve for whenever we need them. Last week I tried a partly-made-up thing where each had a colour and they had to run around the circle when I said something that was that colour (eg. carrot, strawberry, brussel sprout, etc) which went down well - they don't seem to need any particular aim, just a chance to have some fun.

What are your girls' favourites?
What the Time Mr Wolf?

Giants keys - just needs a set of keys and is mercifully quiet

Hot potato - but that involves having a ball, beanbag or actual potato


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fishy fishy come swim in my sea
what's the time mr wolf
duck duck goose
keys game (just need keys)
kims game (quickly gather items and cover with coat)
hedgehog game (cover with coat)
one elephant when out to play
grandma's footsteps
make shapes using body (call out shapes/girls work in groups)
I went shopping and I bought...
hand football (just need football)
hot potato (just need bean bag or soft toy)

also have songs (on youtube look up campfire songs if you want a few ideas)


Brown Owl (x2)
Squish a Brownie (you need chairs)

I love the game you made up where they had to run if the object you said matched the colour that they are! Mine love milkshake (our version of fruit salad) and if left to their own devices, that's what they run. I'm going to teach that new variety to my Sixers and get them to do that instead!
We play silly bananas. It's like stuck in the mud except when the Rainbow has been caught she stands with her arms together over her head like a banana. To be "freed" someone needs to peel her - taking one arm down and then the other. Lots of giggles when we play it