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what are your favourite games at brownies as would like to get some new games for the girls to play please could you give instructions thank you in advance


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My girls love the fast food game. I'm not too sure where it came from (i think one of my ex-Brownies invented it for part of a badge).

Simple rules - each food has an action!
Hot dog - run round the room barking
popcorn - jump up and down
ice cream - shiver
jelly - walk all wibbly wobbly
etc etc
The possibilities are pretty endless.

This can also be adapted to fit in with just about any badge/season. We had the disney game for the disney challenge, the traffic light game for road safety. It's just a case of working out appropriate actions and words. The fast food game is their favourite though.


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hot potato - in a circle standing legs apart toes touching the next person, hands on knees. Use a lightweight or soft tennis ball sized ball, and girls roll the 'potato' across the circle to get it under someone's legs who then sits down - no throwing, must be below knee level

rainbow streamers get lengths of crepe paper or ribbon of different colours, so each six/team has the same colours write a list of things that correspond to the colours and call them out, so if you call eg. peas, the girls with green streamers run up and down the room as a race flying streamer behind them when things have more than one girls all relevant colours run, and Rainbow is everyone
List - peas, brocolli grass, blood holly berries strawberries, sweetcorn the sun lemons, oranges satsumas carrots baked beans, coal, charcoal the sea, the sky blueberries, snow, cotton wool, polar bearsmultiple things, penguins traffic lights, smarties