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Going away with scheme with different sections.


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Hope this makes some kind of sense:-

In June I have pack holiday booked for my Brownies and this holiday will also be my test (Modules 1-7). Obviously this covers me being able to take Brownies away.

However as from September I will be a Guide Leader and really want to take them away, asap as the have not been for years.

Am I correct in thinking I would only need to redo module 6, to show I can programme for Guides?

And if it's only that modules that needs doing do I have to have another Leader with a licence for Guides on that holiday or just a tester to see I can programme and review after?

Really hope that makes some kind of sense.


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You are correct in the just module for programme. If you are being assessed on that bit you do not need another license holder.


Yes, once you've done any of the modules there is no need to re-do, so you would just be topping-up with the programme module for Guides. If you are being assessed at a holiday then there is no need to have a licence holder present as you would be the one in charge - so no need to have a licence holder at either the Brownie or the Guide holiday.