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Question? Guide Performing Arts Badge

Hi, I'm new on here (and to guiding in general). My girls (10 at the moment aged 10-12) have chosen to do their Performing Arts badge this term and I just wanted some ideas of what we could do. I think planning a 'big' performance for parents etc is too much for us at the moment and we only want to spend this half term on it - but thought about doing something for the rainbows or brownie group? Any ideas for short sketches etc would be appreciated!


It would probably be best to do a series of 'campfire skits' as part of the performance - the 'Macscouter' website has a large collection of classic skits which are suitable for this sort of purpose.


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Our girls are also doing this badge - they are going to make instruments and play them and also make up a dance routine to their favourite music - which also counts towards their music zone badge


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let them make up their own short play, dance routine to music youve picked for them?? they could even do things like circus skills etc?