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Idea! Help - stuck for ideas for joint unit


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I'm covering a joint rainbow & Brownie unit for the 2 weeks: last week we sat down and played some get to know you games and taught them some songs; but i am completely stuck a to what to do this week!
The girls usually do the same activity regardless of section and this generally involves craft; they seemed to really enjoy the singing last week as this is something they don't usually do.
The leader who I am covering for has not left me any materials or anything, I can't really go out and buy anything as the unit has no money (long story, but being resolved), so I am at a loss as to what to do!

any ideas (please)???????


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could you do a junk fashion show??
raid newspapers boxes etc and then its just unit glue and sellotape required.


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Do you have any outside space? Do you have enough adults to go to the park? If you can get your hands on a parachute or skipping ropes?
How about jelly babies or smarties evening? Only need a few packets of sweets for those


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Paper mache? You could use balloons and free newspapers and PVA glue. We did mosaics this week, use card or paper to draw a picture, cut up newspapers, paper, etc for tiles and stick on the picture. Try decorating shops for free wallpaper samples. Or you could make scenery for a puppet show or a dolls house, pair older and younger girls off together, give them a box (try supermarkets for free boxes) let them decorate their scenes, houses etc. You could print off some window and door templates, use scrap materials for making carpets, rugs etc. Put a call out on freecycle for scraps or ask parents for some bits for the week.


If the weather allows at all, then outdoor games - there'll be plenty of winter nights ahead! Could be some skipping, ball games, relay races. Up to you whether you want to have some water games (e.g. leaky cup . . .) among the relays.

I'd be tempted to include going over some of the songs again, so the girls get the chance to really pick them up. (Longer term, could you arrange to pop in occasionally and do some music with them - regardless of the age group, no unit should be doing craft 'most weeks'.)

Could you take them on a trail - a dollar hike, or a treasure hunt? Or even just team games at a local park? Or doing some nature study - leaf and bark rubbings, tree identification . . .


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definitely outside if the weather is fit playing ball games skipping team games etc

some kind of drama that the girls can do themselves - mine seem to love being told to go and make up a play -maybe with some ideas fairy stories pantos etc