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Question? home contact


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can some one remind me, how this is done again???- Home contact and

And have the one day activity forms changed to - consent forms?
(Information and Consent for Event/Activity form)


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Yes, one day activity forms have been scrapped in favour of Info and consent forms, these are now used for anything that requires consent - so meeting at different times, adventurous activities, using make up, day trips, sleepovers, pack holiday etc.
A home contact is a person that has a list of contact details for everyone at the event so in an emergency the group leader just makes one call to the home contact and is then free to deal with the emergency. The home contact can then do all the phone calls to parents etc to pass on relevant info. It is up to you whether you give parents this persons phone number in case they want to contact you or whether they have your direct details. It is advised that your home contact is a member of Guiding with a DBS and not related to any of the participants (easier said than done). Once you return from trip you should let home contact know they can destroy there list of contacts.