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How do you play Corners?


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We play the shops version and the last person to that shop is out or if they go to the wrong shop they're out. It's fun making it tricky by calling out something you can buy from more than one of the shops and if they're already on one of them they have to go to the other one.


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Like the shops game, wil have to try that :)

Wasn't Ladders banned about 10/15 years ago - too many accidents happened by standing on shins?? I remember it was stopped but is it now allowed? Not that I'd ever play it with girls as I' can't bare the thought of broken shins!!!!!! - I am squeamish btw!


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Ladders has never been banned officially. My current unit call it horses, and for the life of me I can't work out what the connection is. Ladders seems perfectly obvious since they are sitting in the shape of a ladder.

As an alternative, split the girls into two groups, with each group sittig in a circle, and each girl numbered. When you call out a number the two have to run round the circles in a figure of eight shape, so like ladders there are two competing, but less chance of injury. You can also vary how they are going round, so hopping, crawling, sliding on stomach, two numbers being called and playing wheelbarrow, backwards etc


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I've done a version of "ladders" at rainbows where girls sat in 2 rows opposite each other but made an archway with either their hands with partner opposite or their legs, and girls had to crawl under the archway when they were called... we called game "rainbows" as the archways looked like a rainbow <3

even though it was harder to do, most "pairs" chose to make their archway with their legs and some were so low down the girls almost had to belly-slide to get under them!!!!!


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Our version of corners is where there is one girl in the middle and each corner is numbered one to four. The other girls spread out amongst the four corners and the girl in the middle calls out a number between 1-4. if she calls out "2!" then all the girls in number 2 corner are out.