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"How the Girl Guides Won the War" Challenge


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As I've posted this in Facebookland, I'd better post it here too!

I've written a Challenge on what Brownies, Guides, Rangers, Sea Rangers, Cadets and Guiders did during WWII. It has a bit of information and then a challenge based around it. For example, where it talks about Sea Rangers and them being helpful to the Thames Emergency Service, the Challenge is water based - even just playing Pooh Sticks!

It's too large to load here, so I've had to learn and opened a cloud account... the file is here (I just hope it works):

or email me at howthegirlguideswonthewar @ gmail . com (without the spaces) and I will forward it on.

There's a picture of the badges on the order form - although I've asked for a light grey background and the writing in metallic silver.

Any money raised will help the new Ranger unit being set up in the District here in North Sheffield - with it being the Centenary it's going to be an expensive year to start with nothing!

I hope you like it and thanks for looking! :)


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Hi. I've just added a new function to our Downloads sections which allows you to add a link to a file instead of uploading one.

It's called a mirror and you can simple fill everything is as usual, at your justcloud or dropbox link into the list at the bottom and click okay.

This'll help anyone who's files are too big for Guiders. But the preferred method is still uploading as it doesn't rely on other websites keeping the file.
I have tired to download this file from the link about, but a warning window comes up saying that using this could damage my computer. Would it be possible for you to email me the resource. My email address is b**.net.


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Just to say 'thank you'! I have downloaded the file without any trouble and will use part of it for our Remembrance activities this week. Nice resource.